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How Television Won The Internet
NY Times | June 29, 2015
Television shows can be sold again and again, with streaming now a third leg to broadcast and cable, offering a vast new market for licensing and syndication. Television is colonizing the Internet. 

Twitter To Embrace The Power Of TV In UK Ad Campaign
Marketing Magazine UK | June 24, 2015
Twitter looks set to embrace the power and reach of television advertising in its first UK specific marketing activity scheduled to launch later this year.

34% of Canadians Have Tuned Into Women's World Cup So Far
Marketing Magazine | June 19, 2015
The Games have 12.3 million total viewers and generated 91,776 Tweets.

MasterCard Buys Big on TV To Start Changing Minds
Marketing Magazine | June 12, 2015
The campaign is Mastercard’s largest TV push in recent years, with the medium representing more than 70% of the media buy.

CBS Study: TV Trumps Digital In Spending and Reach
AdWeek | June 15, 2015
Of 315 brands that ran both digital and television campaigns on the system (including insurance, automotive and consumer packaged goods), the average target reach for the campaigns was 67 percent: 53 percent saw only television ads, 9 percent viewed both digital and television ads and just 5 percent saw digital ads only.

Ad Supported Television Delivers Superior Reach
VAB | June 11, 2015
Summer TV shows spectacular success across screens.

Forget Ad Avoidance, Growth of Digital -- TV Holding Its Own
Advertising Age | June 9, 2015
According to new research by the marketing analytics firm MarketShare, TV remains the most efficient vehicle through which to drive consumer purchases, out-delivering digital media (display and social), print and radio. Automotive and telecom particularly favor TV; at similar spending levels, both categories enjoy a six-fold sales lift on TV versus online.

Why TV Is Still the Most Effective Advertising Medium
Advertising Week | June 9, 2015
The Turner Broadcasting and Horizon Media study found that "TV is the giant megaphone," said Isaac Weber, vp of strategy at MarketShare. "When you want to get a message out, that's still really the most powerful means to do it."

Record Ratings for NBA Finals
Advertising Age | June 9, 2015
While demographics are generally coin of the realm where TV is concerned, they are of secondary importance during big-ticket sporting events.

It's Time to Disaggregate the Internet for Good
Thinkbox | June 4, 2015
The internet is not a single anything. That is part of what makes it so wonderful. The internet is a technology which enables countless things to happen: filling in a tax form, downloading a film, playing games, your weekly shop, favouriting a tweet, trolling a celebrity, Googling yourself.

Why TV Is Perfect for SMEs
Talk Business Magazine | May 29, 2015
Markets must evolve and adapt, responding to new innovations and demands in order to remain strong. A clear example of this is the TV advertising landscape, which over the past decade has transformed into a platform perfectly equipped to support business growth for SMEs. 

MasterCard Switches Its TV Strategy
Media in Canada | May 28, 2015
MasterCard wanted to be top of mind for their message, so they went with a TV-heavy campaign.

Offline TV Ads Prompt Online Purchases
Science Newsline | May 14, 2015
A new study published in the online Articles in Advance section of Marketing Science, a journal of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), concludes that the "second screen" puts a virtual store in every consumer's pocket. Multitasking viewers now visit, browse, and even buy advertised products within moments of seeing a commercial.

Mobile Game "Clash of Kings" Increases Rankings With Television Advertising
Gnomes National News Service | May 14, 2015
The TV ad campaigns have worked well. The game is now currently in the top 5 highest grossing apps on the Google Play in the United States.

TV Proves That Millennials Really Aren't All That Different
Mediapost | May 14, 2015
Two in three millennials actually like watching linear television on a traditional set.

Creepy TV Promos Get People Searching
AdWeek | May 13, 2015
The UK's Channel 4's futuristic promo spots had audiences searching and visiting the show website.

Linear TV Still Matters to Millennials
The Drum | May 13, 2015
A new study from REVOLT cable music network that lunched in 2013 found that 62 per cent of millennials prefer to actually watch TV on TV. Additionally, one in three millennials even Snapchat content they're watching on their traditional TVs.

Reed Hastings Predicts TV Will Be Watched on TV Screens in the Future
Wallblog | May 12, 2015
Hastings predicted that the screens we watch TV on in the future will ‘look like a large iPad’ – in other words, they will look like TVs.

TV as the Great Connector
Media in Canada | May 11, 2015
The reach potential of the TV universe for all viewers aged 2+ at 98% of 35 million is superior compared to Google video, which reaches 23.3 million video uniques a month; Facebook at 14.7 million and Netflix at 2.6 million respectively.

Google Says That 46% of Web Video Ads Are Never Viewed
Advertising Age | May 8, 2015
Digital was supposed to fix that old adage about an advertiser knowing that half of its ads are working but being unsure about which half. Instead advertisers are scratching their heads over whether half of their ads are even seen.

Sir Martin Teaches About TV
Wallblog | May 7, 2015
The issue with TV is that measurement has not caught up with changes in patterns of viewing. TV viewing is not declining. ‘Young people do watch TV,’ said Sir M, pointing out that they are embracing new ways to watch on other screens.

In Defense of TV -- It's Actually 'VT'
WSJ | May 5, 2015
VT is the entire ecosystem through which we produce, consume, and monetize video content. It encompasses traditional “linear” TV, but also streaming, DVR, and VOD.  In a VT world, these aren’t distinct media with siloed programming and economics; they’re different sides of the same coin.

Team Internet Would Be Best Served by Working with TV
Video Ad News | May 5, 2015
If the TV industry were to update its Facebook status explaining its relationship with the Internet and web-native companies, it would almost certainly be set to ‘It’s complicated’.

Netflix Model Is Unsustainable (And TV Viewing Is Not Declining)
V-Net | May 5, 2015
Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP, the world's largest advertising agency holding group, thinks Netflix’s current business model is unsustainable. He also thinks its impact – and that of other services like it – on conventional TV viewing is over-stated.

Calgary's Cinderella Story Pulls in the Viewers
NLogic |  May 4, 2015
71.3% of Canadians have tuned into round 1 of the 2015 NHL Playoff; 84% of them were 18 years old or older.

Why I Love Big Telly Ads
MarketingSociety | May 1, 2015
I was told on my first day in advertising in June 1995 that telly ads were dead. But it seems that every piece of data would tell you precisely the opposite. We know for a fact that we’re watching more telly than we were a decade ago, we know TV ads are unbeatable for scale and reach and we know from all the studies available about TV’s unarguable payback impact.

Innerscope Research Study Shows TV and Digital Pre-Roll Significantly Stronger Platforms for Video Advertising Than Facebook
Market Wired | April 29, 2015
TV Video Ads 4x More Engaging Than Video Ads on the Social Media Platform, Leading to Higher Brand Recall and Purchase Intent.

Why Brands Continue to Look to TV Advertising
RapidTVNews | April 28, 2015
Brands know that TV advertising remains the most effective form of advertising, with sales returns of £4.5m per £1m brand spend. They also recognise that it is still the best way to generate large-scale awareness.

Traditional Television Continues to Grow
Mediapost | April 20, 2015
when asked about their media behavior, people dramatically overstate their online usage and understate their TV usage.

Popchips CMO: TV Still The Most Effective Ad Medium
Digiday | April 20, 2015
From my standpoint, TV is still the most effective and efficient way to reach consumers is still TV.

More Adults Watch TV-Video Content
Mediapost | April 16, 2015
The study says share of TV time spent per day, as a percent of all media, is 36.4% in 2015 with digital video comprising 10.9%.

TV Campaign Helps Travelodge Raise Revenue 15%
Mediapost | April 14, 2015
The success was supported by a large ad spend as it returned to TV for the first time in four years with a £25m campaign to get Britain “to get up and go."

Time Spent Watching TV vs. Online Video
Advertising Age | April 13, 2015
People are still watching lots and lots of video in the form of traditional TV, broadcast and cable. Roughly five hours of TV per day, in fact.

Nlogic Introduces A New Way To Analyse Numeris Ratings 
Marketing Magazine | April 10 2015
NLogic, the analytics arm of Numeris (formerly BBM Canada), has launched a cloud-based TV audience analysis tool, the first of what it says will be a suite of dashboard products for analyzing TV and digital audiences in Canada.

SMG Debuts Addressable TV Audience Tool 

Daily Research News Online | April 01, 2015
Addressable TV ad technologies enable advertisers to segment audiences and serve them different.

How To Answer the Age-Old Question 'Will My Ad Work?'
Ad Age | April 01, 2015
An ad works when it is emotionally impactful, memorable and moves consumers to action. 

TV Delivers Reach And Immediacy; Digital More Measurable And Targetable 
Media Post | March 18, 2015
Marketers get swayed by the digital allure of deep targeting and measurement, but are loathe to walk away from years of success built using TV as an efficient reach vehicle. 

Consumers Redefine TV 
Warc | March 16, 2015
Linear TV remains the way most viewers find that content, either by channel surfing, word of mouth or TV promos. 

TV Haters Really Need To Think Again 
Media Post | March 03, 2015
98.4% of television shows, including those viewed within a seven-day catch-up window, are actually viewed on the box we all have in the living room.

Why People Really Time-Shift Shows
Medialife | March 11, 2015
Convenience is the big reason, well ahead of skipping ads. 

Empirical Data Proves TV Now As Accountable As Digital, Brands Can Have Their 'Cake, Eat It Too'
Media Post | March 04, 2015
New empirical research revealed Tuesday by a mix of respected industry experts made the case that marketers need to shift from a decades-old practice of "reach optimization" to new methods of "results optimization," especially when factoring the most precious media in their mix. 

How TV Buying Must Change For The New World Of Video 
Marketing Magazine | March 04, 2015
Consumer video habits have changed forever and marketers' video advertising objectives and strategies are changing along with them.  

TV Gets Most Ad Spend; Digital Format Grows Fastest; Print Slips More 
Media Post | February 27, 2015
TV will remain the biggest ad format in 2015, accounting for 42.2% ($78.8bn) of US ad revenues, followed by digital, and print.

Big Screen Dollars, Little Screen Marketing
Nielsen | February 20, 2015
When it comes to generating buzz for new movies, trailers and TV commercials remain king. 

Live TV Still A Factor In Canadian's Daily Media Consumption: Ipsos 
Marketing Magazine | February 18, 2015
Despite the advent of the PVR, on-demand viewing and streaming VOD services like Netflix and Shomi, live TV remails the "main course" in the Canadian media diet according to new research from Ipsos. 

Traditional TV Ad Revs: Still To Grow, Perhaps At Expense Of Digital Platforms 
Media Post | February 17, 2015
So what if we got it all wrong? Maybe more money than realized will land on traditional TV than on digital services in the future years.

TV Upfront Spend Shifts, Cable Grows Steadily 
Media Daily News | February 17, 2015
Cable share of the upfront market has grown steadily to a 50.5% share of upfront revenues in the most recent give-year period. 

Multiplatform Viewers Cite Importance Of Broadcast Networks 
B&C | February 04, 2015
75% of multiple platform TV watchers say it is a top reason for having a multichannel service, according to Horowitz Research. 

A Play By Play On Scoring A Super Bowl Advertising Touchdown 
Media And Entertainment | February 02, 2015
Exposure to an ad before the big game drove an impressive 15% lift in likability and a 20% lift in viewer's ability to remember the ad and brand correctly. 

Researchers Show Which TV Ads Are Likely To Make Viewers Buy Online
Press Release Point | January 20, 2015
Results of a new study by researchers at Cornell, Harvard, and the University of California, San Diego reveal that TV watchers who simultaneously surf the Web often visit a manufacturer online after seeing their product advertised on TV.

It's Time To Face Some Advertising Truths
Media Post | January 19, 2015
One of the weird dichotomies in today's media world is that marketers spend a lot of time on the category whose actual impact on business results is not proven or at the best questionable, while spending a lot less time on that area taking up the largest chunk of their advertising spend, with a far better track record of actually reaching consumers. 

Most Canadians Prefer Ad-Supported Video To Paid- For Options (Study)
Marketing Magazine | January 14, 2015
Canadians are a-okay with ad-supported video content if it means they don;t have to pay for it, according to new research from Videology and Marketing Magazine. 

TV Advertising Effective Even With Distractions
Power Retail | January 12 2015
A study conducted by researchers at Harvard, Cornell and the University of California has concluded that, to popular belief, television ad effectiveness is not of a second screen such as a smartphone or tablet. 

How Viewers, Advertisers See The Current State Of T/V (Television/Video)
Media Post | January 13, 2015
As the curtains lift on 2015, here are a few observations on our business filtered through the various stakeholders of T/V (Television/Video). 

Why Marketers Should Make A New Year's Resolution To Buy More TV
Media Post | January 02, 2015
While some experts have predicted the decline and demise of television advertising, I think marketers should make a resolution this year to buy more TV. 

Digital Media Spend Will Flatten In 2015: Oakes
Media In Canada | December 23, 2014
As one year closes and another one begins to rev up, MiC is asking industry leaders to look back on the events that changed their business in 2014 and predict the trends that will shape it in 2015.

Cleaning The Dust Off TV Preconceptions 
Media Post | December 19, 2014
Since the birth of the Internet, dust has started to accumulate on TV in spite of the fact that its form, purpose and value in media food change did not change. But now it's time to get out the feather dusters. TV is about to get its groove back, and the shine will be blinding. 

The Impact Of TV Advertising On Branded Searches 
Business 2 Community | December 13, 2014
So you had a big TV commercial, and all of the sudden search engine results are driving way more traffic to your website. Surely, it was the branded effort of your commercial, but the mechanism is still confusing - how did your offline marketing affect online impressions? 

Programmatic Measurement: Confirming The Outsize Value Of TV
Media Post | December 04, 2014
As programmatic brings a richer data-driven sensibility to TV planning, buying and optimization, measurement of TV will begin to play an important role. 

Why Our Brains Love TV
Media Post | December 11, 2014
What is it about TV that has captured us for so long? What is it about the medium that allows our brains to connect to it so easily? 

CraveTV To Launch Dec.11 For 'Price Of A Latte'
Media In Canada | December 04, 2014
The TV streaming service is an add-on to Bell Media's pay TV offerings and will also be available on Eastlink and Telu's Optik TV. 

Why DOT-COM Businesses Are Big Buyers Of Traditional TV Ads
Marketing Magazine | December 04,2014
In September, Priceline rolled out its first-ever made-for-Canada campaign with its 30-seconds TV spot.

What Brands Should Know About The Art Of Storytelling 
Marketing Magazine November 27th, 2014
Storytelling has never been more important for marketers. Brands are now creating more content and integrating themselves deeper into TV shows and movies, putting the way they tell stories at a premium. 

TV Everywhere Offering Can Help Retain Paid TV Subscribers
Marketing Magazine November 26tht, 2014
While awareness of Canadian broadcasters“TV Everywhere“ (TVE) offerings is high, a Toronto research firm says low consumer adoption suggests they require further attention and development from the industry. 

Future Shop Goes Big For The Holidays 
Strategy November 24th, 2014
The new TV campaign, developed by John St., is a return to the medium after the brand saw a dip in brand awareness and recall after abstaining from television in 2013, says James Pelletier, director of marketing for Future Shop. 

Twitter Canada Launches New Features With Shomi
Media In Canada November 21st, 2014
Canadians not quite sure what to watch are being given a helping hand from Shomi and Twitter Canada, which have partnered to promote the new streamer. 

TV Everywhere Key To Keeping Customers: CTAM Canada
Media In Canada November 21st, 2014

Canadian BDU's and TV programmers have a lot of work to do in driving greater adoption of TV Everywhere platforms, Rahul Sharma, director, VOD, platforms at Rogers Communications, told industry gathering yesterday. 

TV Ad Targeting Gets More Sophisticated
Media Post November 20th, 2014
At the recent OMMA Audience Targeting conference, I moderated a panel on using data and analytics to more effectively reach audiences on TV. 

Brands Are Wasting Money On Facebook and Twitter, Forrester Says
The Wall Street Journal November 17th, 2014
Marketers are increasingly turning to social networks Facebook and Twitter in an attempt to start "conversations" and "relationships" with consumers. According to research firm Forrester, they might be wasting their time and money doing so. 

BBM Analytics Rebrands As NLOGIC 
Marketing Magazine November 14th, 2014
Nlogic, is more than just a rebrand. It's an entirely new company, with new technology behind it. 

Majority Of Canadians Believe Ads Provide Value: Ad Standards Canada
Marketing Magazine November 12th, 2014
Political ads dragging down overall perception of the industry, study concludes 

Mediaocean Automates TV Buys 
Media In Canada November 10th, 2014
The software provider has announced ePost, a new tool that automates the process of reporting delivery results on TV campaigns. 

Don't Just Do TV, Do Searchable TV: Blog
Media In Canada November 6th, 2014
Joseph McConellogue, managing director of Reprise Media, on why search could be just what your brand needs to boost the value on its TV buy. 

TELUS, Bell Canada, And Bell Aliant Sign Up To 'Project Latte' Streaming 
Bell Media | November 5th, 2014
Canada's premium streaming service to be available to TELUS Optik TV, Bell Five TV, Bell Aliant FibreOP TV, and Bell Satellite TV subscribers at launch.

Rogers-Vice Partnership Target Millennials 
Financial Post October 30th, 2014
Through it all, the message from Rogers was clear: We're coming for you, millennials. 

CBC Gets TV Rights For 2018 An 2020 Olympics 
Inside Ottawa Valley October 28th, 2014
On Tuesday, the public broadcaster delivered an increasingly rare good news-story.  

Bell Media To Launch On-Demand Subscription TV In Canada
Bell Media October 30th, 2014
Bell Media to Launch New Streaming Service Devoted Exclusively to Exceptional TV around the word

Cogeco Becomes First In Canada To Integrate Netflix Into Customer Boxes 
The Globe and Mail October 30th, 2014 
Cogeco Cable Inc. will be the first Canadian cable operator to integrate Netflix Inc. into customers' set-top boxes when it launches its new TiVo service next week.  

Shomi Unveils Content Deal With Warner Bros. Int'l 
Media In Canada October 27th, 2014 Newsletter 
SVOD shomi has unveiled another plum U.S. studio supply deal, this time with Warner Bros. International Distribution. 

Analyst Say Online Video Isn't Killing TV Advertising 
B&C | October 27th, 2014 Newsletter 
The debate over the impact of online video on TV advertising continues, with Pivotal Research analyst Brian Wieser's report insisting that TV is not dying. 

TVB Disputes IAB'S Ad Spend Figures
Marketing Magazine October 22, 2014
Television marketing body says numbers unfairly include digital spend on traditional media including broadcast and print.  

Canadian Communications Spending Up: CRTC
Media In Canada | October 17, 2014
Canadians dug deeper into their pockets for communication services in 2013, spending 3.2% more that year than in 2012 for wireless services, internet services and cable and satellite TV services. 

Endless Broadcasts Match Our Hockey Appetites
Daily Herald Tribune | October 14, 2014
If you grew up in the first generation of TV hockey, you've seen the evolution into today's broadcasts-- barely a contest unavailable for the viewing eye.

VOD Test in English Canada Demonstrates Previously Unreported Audience Lift of Up to 9%
TVB  |  October 8, 2014
“This test was an important step in understanding VOD audiences in terms of their size, viewing habits, and viewer profile,” said Theresa Treutler, President and CEO, TVB. “What we’ve learned is that VOD viewers are a highly engaged, desirable audience, and provide another opportunity for marketers and advertisers.”

Wall Street Speaks Out: TV's Ad Revenue Growth Opportunities 
Media Biz Bloggers | October 3, 2014
Our view on the state of TV advertising – that there is not some meaningfully different secular change going on, that conditions are more impacted by broader economic conditions than anything else and that growth in digital advertising is primarily driven by new categories of marketers first and large, TV-centric brands second – is not exactly the dominant one among investors these days. Fears of an acceleration of spending shifts are amplified by current period weakness in national TV ad revenue growth, a soft Upfront and poor current ratings trends for broadcast and cable networks alike. While these conditions may persist in the business and among most investors for a little while longer, we remain confident that fears will turn out to be over-done.

The CMO's Guide to Fall TV Ratings 
AdAge | September 29, 2014
It can be difficult to decipher what can actually be measured and how advertisers can best count viewers. New measurement capabilities from Nielsen coming this fall, along with a change by TV networks in how they handle ratings announcements, will only add to the confusion. 

Fall TV Ratings: Broadcast Nets Relieved As viewers Show Up For Big Premieres 
Variety | September 28, 2014
One week into the 2014-15 television season, according to Nielsen's official game clock, the biggest headline for the broadcast nets is that they've been able to generate solid sampling for high-priority new shoes such as Fox's "Gotham,"CBS' "Scorpion," NBC's "The Mysteries of Laura" and ABC's "How to Get Away with Murder."

Canadian TV Execs Share Critical Picks On This Upcoming Season 
The Globe and Mail | September 25, 2014
In the hunt for the next big hit, Canadian networks spend hundreds of millions of dollars on programming every year. The broadcasting landscape shifted in 2014 when Rogers snapped up the rights to the NHL hockey for the next dozen years. 

CRTC Hearings Are Not Just About Pick-And-Pay Channels
The Globe and Mail | September 21, 2014
The more direct way the system supports Canadian content is through the on-air requirements imposed on broadcasters and the levies to support TV production that are paid by cable and satellite distributors. As the distinction between the Internet and television becomes narrower, it becomes less fair to make these demands only of the old players.  

TV Remains Overwhelming Leader For Video Viewing  
Rapid TV News | September 18, 2014

Increases in multiscreen video viewing are significant, but ultimately neither platform can duplicate the visual experience of the larger TV screen.

Set-Top Box Measurement Takes The Stage At Let's Talk TV
Marketing Magazine | September 17, 2014
After several days of discussion focusing primarily on the impact of over-the-top services and the implications of allowing consumers greater flexibility in selecting channels, measurement was briefly in the spotlight at the CRTC’s “Let’s Talk TV” hearings this week. 

Fast Friends: How Brands Are Capturing The Attention Of Social TV Audiences 
Nielsen | September 15, 2014

Brand affinity can help advertisers looking to maximize earned media around TV placements reach their campaign goals, whereas social affinity can help networks inform program positioning as they build ad sales strategies for those advertisers.

Should Netflix Be Regulated As A Traditional Canadian Broadcaster?
Huff Post | September 12, 2014
Very often, when certain companies are subject to restrictive regulation while some of their competitors are not, the debate takes a predictable turn: There are calls from the regulated companies for the same rules to apply to their competitors.

Bringing TV and Video for Effective Online Advertising Creative 
IMEDIA Connection | September 11, 2014
The ability to advertise across different channels -- including print, television, digital video, social platforms, and mobile apps, among others -- creates many points of contact between consumers and brands, but how specifically should the brand message be tailored to the medium? According to a recent report released by Gallup,the more consistent advertising efforts are across all channels, the more effective they will be.

Pick-and-Pay: A 'Sea Change' Is Coming For Canada's TV Viewers
The Globe and Mail | September 6, 2014
On Monday morning, dozens of executives from some of the country's largest television companies will file into a nondescript grey office building in Gatineau, Que., and begin a process that could radically change how Canadians watch TV.

Advertisers' Online Budgets Still A Fraction of TV Spend
Media Post | September 5, 2014
National TV's current advertising concerns are not coming at the hands of online advertising, according to on analyst. 

Canadians Watching More TV Programming: CRTC
Media in Canada | September 5, 2014
Canadians watched television programming across multiple platforms at a greater rate than ever in 2013, resulting in an overall boost in weekly TV viewing hours, according to the 2014 Communications Monitoring Report from the CRTC.

Wall St. Speaks Out: TV's Not Dying (And Neither is Homer Simpson)
Media Biz Bloggers | September 5, 2014
Headlines this week suggesting Online Video is Taking Ad Dollars From Traditional TV and Will Advertising Dollars Return to TV? are among the latest repeats of a cartoon backdrop-like loop of variations on the theme that TV is dead or dying. Many investors skip the anger part and go straight to fear. Home was right, of course, to note that "we all gotta go some time," but nothing we have seen so far suggests it is happening at this point in time, at least based on the facts at hand and our interpretation of what they mean. 

Brands Underestimate TV Ad Effects
Warc | September 3, 2014
Many brands may be guilty of underestimating the long-term impact of their television advertising, according to a study from CBS, Kellogg's and Nielsen Catalina Solutions. 

Programmatic Poised to Impact TV Buying, SMG's Steve Parker Says
Beet.TV | August 27, 2014
Programmatic advertising not only has the potential to influence digital advertising, but also TV, says Steve Parker, co-CEO of Starcom MediaVest Group in London, in an interview with Beet.TV.

How Shomi Aims To Take On Netflix Canada
Media in Canada | August 26, 2014
A superior user interface, curated programming and content to rival Netflix Canada. That's the customer proposition from Shomi, the long-awaited new video portal from Rogers Media and Shaw Media unveiled Tuesday by top executives. 

It's Confirmed: Amazon To Buy Twitch for $907M in Cash
Media in Canada | August 26, 2014
Amazon has confirmed that it has reached an agreement to acquire Twitch Interactive, a live video platform for gamers that launched just three years ago.

Global TV Ad Spend Rises, Despite National Differences
Media Post | August 22, 2014
Global TV Advertising spending will slightly improve this year versus a year ago -- bit will continue to steadily rise over the next six years.

The Future of Canadian TV
AP | August 22, 2014
The CRTC thinks Canadians should be free to choose the channels they want, instead of buying cable packages.

CRTC Offers Up New Proposals For Canadian Television Services 
Global News | August 21, 2014
New proposals from Canada's broadcast regulator could dramatically change Canadians' television service. 

Cultural Changes In Attitude Toward TV
AP | August 8, 2014
The medium is growing in stature, propelled by both art and technology. More worth programs are available at a time when viewers are becoming more comfortable setting up their own schedules to watch.

Rethinking The Overnights
Marketing Magazine | July 30, 2014
For years, "the overnights" have been the de facto currency for the TV business, their numbers determining the allocation of billions of advertising dollars.

Video Myth-Busters: Take One Step
Media Post | July 28, 2014
There's no question that video is booming, with more videos, creators, platforms and distribution channels than ever. For marketers, this has created a palpable sense of excitement and even a little bit of angst: so much to consider and so little time and budget! 

It's All TV, Isn't It: A Rumination
Media Post | July 25, 2014
Why the continued TV and digital video divide, though agencies religiously profess the shuttering of silos? A rumination or two...

Smart TVs To Dominate TV Shipments
Media Post | July 24, 2014
Smartphones continue to dominate media consumer lives -- and soon smart TVs will too.

TNS Survey Finds Streaming Video on the Rise, Fuelling New Viewing Habits
Business Wire | July 23, 2014
With an array of online options for viewing media - not to mention the increasing amount of original content created for online audiences - video streaming services have become a disruptive influence on the traditional television business, this according to global research consultancy TNS.

Next Stop for Netflix: World Domination?
Media in Canada | July 22, 2014
Each new international market comes with its own challenges, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said Monday during a Q2 earnings call, but he's not shying away from any of them.

Global Consumer Confidence in Q2 2014 Reaches Highest Level Since 2007
Nielsen | July 22, 2014
Global consumer confidence increased one index point to 97 in the second quarter of 2014, marking the highest level since first-quarter 2007, according to consumer confidence findings from Nielsen.

Pay TV Market Stabilizes, Will Climb Globally
Media Post | July 23, 2014
Although the U.S. pay TV market has had rough times of late -- thanks to big losses in video subscribers from traditional cable operators -- estimates are that the overall market has stabilized a bit.

NBCU Creates New Sales Research Unit
Media Post | July 23, 2014
The new Advertising Sales Research and Strategy group will focus on cross-platform media - providing clients with more access to data-focused media analysis for the company's two broadcast networks, 17 cable channels and more than 50 digital platforms.

Netflix and Walt Disney Studios Announce Pay TV Agreement in Canada
Broadcaster | July 17, 2014
Netflix Inc. and The Walt Disney Studios today announced a new multi-year licensing agreement that will make Netflix the exclusive Canadian subscription television service for first-run Disney live-action and animated feature films. 

World Cup By The Numbers: Who Was Watching, And How
Media in Canada | July 15, 2014
Sunday's 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil closing game between Germany and Argentina was watched by an average of 4.9 million Canadians, making it the most watched match of the tournament for the pubcaster.

Online TV, TV Everywhere Demand Create Screen Stacking World
Rapid TV News | July 13, 2014
The ongoing love affair with TV has been supported by the rise in digital set-top boxes, catch-up TV and on-demand services such as Sky+ and Virgin TV Anywhere - leading to groundswell of online TV viewing that research shows is complementary to old-fashioned living room lean-back behaviour.

TV Strikes Back - Results of TNS Research Study Unveils New Canadian Viewing Habits
Broadcaster | July 10, 2014
While Canadians' love affair with television endures, TV sets alone are no longer enough to satisfy our appetite for content, driving the growth of online media and 'screen-stacking' - the use of multiple digital devices at the same time, according to global research consultancy TNS.

Nielsen Exec: Don't Expect to Be Impressed by Impact of Mobile TV Ratings 
Adweek | July 9, 2014
Nielsen has declared itself "open for business" in terms of tracking TV viewing on smartphones, tablets and other electronic gadgets.

CBC's World Cup Ratings Climb on All Platforms
Media in Canada | July 9, 2014
Ratings for CBC’s broadcast of the 2014 FIFA World Cup continue to beat 2010 levels on both the broadcast and digital platforms.

Bell, Shaw, Rogers Stake Positions on Pick-And-Pay
Media in Canada | July 2, 2014
Bell, Rogers and Shaw publicly released their positions on the pick-and-pay channel debate as part of their submissions to the CRTC.

Global Ad Spend Shows Healthy Growth, but Varies by Market
Marketing Magazine | June 27, 2014
Global ad expenditure is set to grow at a healthy 5.4%, according to ZenithOptimedia’s June forecast for ad spending over the next two years.

FIFA World Cup Breaks Viewing Records Around the World
egta | June 27, 2014
The real story around ‘social media’ has been the growth in public viewing, reinforcing the role of mass audience television as the original “social” media.

Aereo Loses at Supreme Court, in Victory for TV Broadcasters
The New York Times | June 25, 2014
In a case with far-reaching implications for the entertainment and technology business, the United States Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that Aereo, a television streaming service, had violated copyright laws by capturing broadcast signals on miniature antennas and delivering them to subscribers for a fee.

Local TV News, Ads Drive Search on Engines
Search Marketing Daily | June 24, 2014
A study from researcher GfK for Hearst Television demonstrates the connection between local television news and search queries. 

The State of Social TV  in Canada
Seevibes | June 2014
With 65% of Twitter Profiles and 36% of Facebook profiles talking about TV in Canada, social TV is a widespread activity marketers should leverage.

Rogers Unveils 2014-2015 NHL Broadcast Schedule
Broadcaster | June 23, 2015
Rogers  today unveiled its 2014-15 NHL national broadcast schedule, delivering double the number of games on free over-the-air TV and twice as many Hockey Night in Canada Saturday night games than ever before for Canadians.

New Content, European Ventures and Delivery Costs Burn Netfilx Cash
RapidTVNews | June 23, 2014
Netflix may have picked all the low-hanging fruit that’s within its reach, meaning that going forward, the company has to put in more effort to achieve results.

Study: Twitter Actually Is Helping Your TV Campaign

Digiday | June 17, 2014
Twitter-supported TV campaigns deliver a 50% greater ROI than TV-only campaigns. Brand awareness was 6.9 percent higher among audiences to such campaigns while households exhibited a 4 percent increase in sales versus TV alone.

Online TV Versus TV Online: There's A Big Difference
Online Video Insider | June 16, 2014
TV online sells pre-assembled mass audiences for predestined showings. Online TV sells discovered audiences that can be aggregated to mass.

World Cup Attracts a Fully Engaged Audience
RapidTVNews | June 13, 2014
The World Cup is a unique event for viewers, but also for marketers because it attracts a fully engaged, globally diverse audience that loves to shop and engage with brands for an entire month," 

From Digital Fraud to Ad Collaboration - Brian Jacobs
MyersBizNet | June 12, 2014
Imagine this: A newspaper publisher decides that the easiest and cheapest way to increase his circulation, and thus his readership and ultimately his advertising revenue, is to dump large numbers of his publication in convenient local rubbish bins.  

Millennials Still Avid Commercial TV Watchers
Marketing Magazine | June 11, 2014
Live network television—typically watched on a big screen—remains a key part of Canadian millennials’ daily media diet, according to new research from Ipsos-Reid commissioned by the Television Bureau of Canada (TVB). 

Shaw Expands Original Cross-Platform Digital Media Content Offerings
Mediacaster | June 10, 2014
Shaw Media is moving forward on a series of original digital initiatives, cross-platform opportunities and content extensions into the digital space. 

Rogers Media Expands TV Everywhere Partnership
Mediacaster | June 6, 2014
Rogers Media has expanded its relationship with online video services provider NeuLion to power its TV Everywhere experience for Rogers' seven Sportsnet channels, called Sportsnet NOW, across multiple devices.

PWC Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2014-2018
pwc | June, 2014
Despite the growth of digital media, TV advertising remains the place to be. Global TV advertising revenue is successfully responding to the rise of newer forms of digital media. 

Ads on Family-Friendly Networks Gain Greater Viewer Trust
MediaDailyNews | June 3, 2014 
Nielsen research commissioned by the UP network, with media agency Mediavest, says TV commercials on family-friendly networks were perceived as more trustworthy than in non-family-friendly channels -- earning a 121 index versus a 79 non-family-friendly index. 

Sports Fans View Cross-Platform, TV Still Tops
MediaDailyNews | June 3, 2014
Nearly 96% of U.S. sports fans use TV to get content -- and just over a third of those pay to watch sports on TV in 2014.

The 10 Most Useful Connected Device Apps
fyi Television | May 29, 2014
Netflix, YouTube, The Weather Channel, Amazon Instant, and HBO are some of the most popular apps that connect people to their favourite source of viewing.

Thinkbox's Lindsey Clay on Netflix's 'depressingly bleak and unlikely vision' of the demise of linear TV 
The Drum | May 21, 2014
The fact is that people love living in the moment and sharing experiences in real time. That is why most people prefer to watch the vast majority of their TV live.

CRTC Data Suggests Cord Cutting Is Not Yet a Cable Killer
Marketing Magazine | May 21, 2014
New CRTC data suggests that reports of the cord-cutting phenomenon are being dramatically overblown.

Who's Tweeting About TV?
Nielsen | May 19, 2014 
Social TV has turned watching TV into an interactive experience—an experience that connects viewers in the moment with friends, content creators, stars, and likeminded—fans.

Payback 4: Pathways to Profit
Thinkbox | 2014
The study found that TV gave an average profit return of £1.79 for every £1 invested during 2011-14.

Thinkbox - Traditional Media Still Dominate Media Consumption
Thinkbox | May 16, 2014
Increased online activity is potentially bad news for advertisers because many of the places people spend much of their online time are not great environments for advertising. 

TV Remains Most Effective Way to Advertise
RapidTVNews | May 15, 2014
Despit recessions and constant upheavals in media technology and consumption, television has maintained its pre-eminence in advertising.

CRTC Releases 2013 Financial Results for Cable and Satellite Companies
Broadcaster | May 15, 2014
The CRTC released statistical and financial information on Canadian broadcasting distribution companies for the broadcast year that ended August 31, 2013.

Nielsen Says TV Still Leading In Viewership, Ad Spend
MarketingDaily | May 12, 2014
According to Nielsen’s Cross Platform Report based on third-quarter 2013 data, viewers spent, on average, 55.5 hours watching traditional TV versus nearly 15 hours on time-shifted TV; 34 hours using the mobile Web or an app on a smartphone; and about 28 hours via internet on a computer in the quarter last year.

Where Twitter and Facebook Fit Into Social TV
Lost Remote | May 7, 2014
TV has served an entirely different, largely unmeasured role: that of being the world’s greatest ad-driven social glue.

Mongeau on CBC's New Sales Structure
Marketing Magazine | May 7, 2014
Newly appointed as general manager, chief revenue officer for CBC/Radio-Canada, Jean Mongeau is preparing to steer the Corp. through what is shaping up as the most turbulent period in its history.

Deb Roy on TV and Twitter Coming Together at CMDC Conference
Marketing | May 6, 2014
TV ad runs during a show that has a lot of Twitter activity, Nielsen research shows there’s a 7% lift in product sales “simply from being where the conversation is.

CRTC Releases 2013 Financial Results for Canadian Local TV Stations
Broadcaster | May 6, 2014
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) today released statistical and financial information on Canadian local television stations for the broadcast year ended August 31, 2013.

TV News Watchers More Decisive in Buying Habits
MediaDailyNews | May 5, 2014
Viewers consuming TV news are more action-oriented, social, emotional, inquisitive, informed and alert. They are 52% more likely to make a decision than when watching other programming; 25% more likely to add an item to a shopping list; and 30% more likely to buy a product. 

Social TV: Juggernaut or Overhyped?
MyersBizNet | May 2, 2014
Nineteen point one percent of people online ages 15-54 are reached by social media at least once a day regarding primetime TV.

Viewing Habits Show Traditional TV Networks Still Reign Supreme
Adweek | April 29, 2014
Television currently remains the top medium by which to consume programming.

Net Neutrality's Demise: In U.S. and Canada, Regulators Look at Changing Rules
Financial Post | April 25, 2014
As U.S. authorities prepare to rewrite laws around net neutrality – the principle that a byte is a byte and all content should be treated equally – Canada’s own rules on Internet traffic are facing a crucial test.

Top Five Things That Won't Happen This Upfront
OnlineSpin | April 24, 2014
No major TV advertisers, from movie studios to fast food to car companies to retail to insurance, can afford to walk away from TV and its unparalleled sales effects. Lots will talk. None will walk.

Maximum Choice: CRTC Takes Aim at TV Broadcast Providers
Globe and Mail | April 24, 2014
The Commission said it is exploring a way to force cable, satellite, and Internet-based TV providers such as Bell Fibe to offer a “skinny basic” package that subscribers could then top up with their own selection of discretionary services.

CRTC Releases Three Year Plan 2014-2017
Broadcaster | April 23, 2014
The Three-Year Plan summarizes the key activities the CRTC expects to carry out through the period ending March 31, 2017. 

Is Tumblr Passing Twitter as the Hub for Social TV?
Lost Remote | April 22, 2014
According to new research, the conversation around TV is larger and lasts longer on Tumblr than Twitter.

Which Program Type Dominates OTT?
MyersBizNet | April 22, 2014
The top factor driving the increase in OTT subscriptions according to a report by Bruce Friend, president of media and entertainment at Vision Critical, is convenience.

Netflix to Raise Prices for New Subscribers
Broadcaster | April 22, 2014
Netflix  is about to raise its prices for the first time in three years to help pay for more Internet video programming.

Rogers Reports First Quarter 2014 Results
Broadcaster | April 22, 2014
Cable TV subscriber performance continues to improve while revenue growth slowed by promotional activity and timing of price changes versus first quarter of 2013.

Live TV Kicking Strongly as Ever In Face of Online, Mobile Channels  
RapidTVNews | April 17, 2014
Many say that TV has been totally transformed by the availability of catch-up and PVR services as well as mobile and online channels, but an Ipsos survey has found that live TV retains its iron grip on viewing.

Online Video Overtaking TV? That's A Reach, Says RBC Analyst
MediaPost | April 15, 2014
David Bank, RBC Capital Markets analyst, doubts studies that say online video advertising will overtake TV ads within the next few years. Television still has much greater reach than online video, he argues.

Don't Buy the Hype: The Internet Hasn't Killed TV
The Washington Post | April 11, 2014
Television is where the money is. And for good reason: It's where the attention is.

Over the Top Viewing - OTT Is Goring Whose Ox?
MediaBizBloggers | April 10, 2014
The most unique characteristic of the OTT viewer is that despite their streaming habits, traditional television viewing does not suffer.

Publicis' Levy: We Need Both Snipers and Carpet Bombers
MAD | April 9, 2013
"We need both carpet bombing, which is advertising during events with large audiences, and snipers who go directly to the right approach," says Levy.

TVB Shares "Tuned In" Results at TV Day
Marketing | April 8, 2014
The Television Bureau of Canada (TVB) says its recent “Tuned In” campaign successfully demonstrated the medium’s continued relevance in the era of Netflix and other digital competition.

NHL Deal Was Crucial to Survival, Rogers Tells CRTC
Globe and Mail | April 8, 2014
The long-term likelihood of professional hockey staying on conventional TV stations came into question on Tuesday as the president of Rogers Media, which takes control of national NHL broadcasts in the fall, said the traditional economics of the business no longer add up.

Shaw Launches New iOS, Android Apps with Kids Content, Channel Access
Mediacaster | April 8, 2014
"The exciting launch of the Shaw Go Kids apps truly enhances our great children’s programming with added flexibility, access and convenience for our customers,” said Jay Mehr, Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer, Shaw Communications Inc.

TSN Digital Engagement Boosted by Pro Sports, Big Events
Mediacaster | April 8, 2014
TSN Digital says it has hit new heights with its digital platforms and mobile apps for sports fans, with TSN GO, TSN BarDown, and the TSN Hockey app leading the way.

CRTC to Review Acquisition of Family Channel, Disney Junior, and Disney XD
Broadcaster | April 4, 2014
The CRTC will review the application by DHX Media Ltd.  on behalf of 8504601 Canada Inc. , for authority to effect a change to its ownership and effective control through a transfer of shares to DHX

CBC Advises 8.8 Million Canadians Tuned In to Coverage of Sochi Paralympic Games
Broadcaster | March 20, 2014
Over the course of the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games, one in four Canadians tuned in to at least part of the English-language television coverage. 

Watching Commercials to Completion Something for TV Networks to Cheer About
TVWatch | March 19, 2014
New results from FreeWheel say 90% of TV commercials on long-form digital videos -- those 20 minutes or more -- are seen until completion.

CRTC Unveis 2013 On-Demand Usage Figures
Marketing | March 19, 2014
Canadians placed 235.1 million orders for both free and paid on-demand content in 2013—which works out to an average of 6.7 orders per person based on the latest population estimates—according to new CRTC data for the video-on-demand (VOD) industry.

Liodice: Digital Is the Least Accountable of Media
MAD | March 18, 2014
Digital media -- once thought to be the most accountable media -- has turned out to be the least accountable, with viewability levels, according to some studies, hovering around just 50%.

Bell Launches CTV News GO and CP24 GO
Broadcaster | March 18, 2014
Bell Media announces the launch of CTV News GO and CP24 GO, new digital products available for free online at and, on Apple iOS devices and, on Android phones and tablets.

Gen Y Is Just a Different Kind of Brand Loyal
MarketingDaily | March 17, 2014
TV still carries the most clout, with 70% saying it shapes how they see a brand and its value.

Top 10 Trends to Emerge From SXSW 2014
Huffington Post | March 17, 2014
Privacy, the maker movement, the enduring nature of brands and the collaborative economy are just few trends of the upcoming year.

TV Remains Top News Access Device
Multichannel News | March 17, 2014
The survey found that 87% of those polled said they use television to get news, with 69% saying a computer, 65% radio, 61% print, 56% a cell phone, and 29% a tablet.

Long Live Television: Digital Video Ad Convergence Keeps TV Relevant
Social Media Today | March 15, 2014
One of the big winners of this inevitable march toward digital integration is none other than the crown jewel of traditional advertising: TV.

Ted Reveals Its 2014 Ads Worth Spreading
Marketing | March 14, 2014
TED has revealed its annual Ads Worth Spreading list – the ads its panel of experts say “recognize and reward innovation, ingenuity and intelligence in advertising.”

Traditional TV Viewing Still Way Ahead of Internet and Mobile
Research Brief | March 11, 2014
The video landscape is in a time of major flux, with digital viewing on the rise, advertisers seeking integrated campaigns and yet TV networks still holding most of the cards. 

Sports Fans Amplify the Actions Across Screens
Nielsen | March 10, 2014
50 percent of Tweets about TV—were about sports events.

Keeping Up in TV's New Golden Age
The New York Times | March 9, 2014
The growing intellectual currency of television has altered the cultural conversation in fundamental ways. Water cooler chatter is now a high-minded pursuit, not just a way to pass the time at work.

Chief Marketing Officers on a High
Research Brief | March 7, 2014
CMO optimism for the economy reached its highest point in five years.

Most Millennials Still Pay for TV
Multichannel News | March 6, 2013
Seventy-five percent of the Millennials surveyed haven’t cut the cord and still pay for TV through  a traditional TV provider

Wow, Twitter's Audience For Oscars Nearly Matched ABC's
Forbes | March 4, 2014
Twitter’s audience for the Oscars was almost as large as ABC’s, which totaled 43 million viewers.

The Data-Driven Future of Video Advertising
Nielsen | March 3, 2014
Today, people spend more than 146 hours on average watching TV each month.

Buying, Selling and Trusting Across Platforms
Nielsen | March 3, 2014
The scale and size of the TV ad machine allows the ads to influence the lives of consumers on a scale that no medium has ever matched.

TV and Digital Video: Match Made In Heaven
Online Video Insider | March 3, 2014
Television’s growing efficacy represents a tremendous opportunity. The ability to find the right balance between advertising on various screens can create synergies.

You Won't Believe How Big TV Still Is
Adweek | March 2, 2014
A new study from Nielsen reveals the depth and breadth of both universes, and comparative viewership numbers aren’t even close.

MDC Partners Restructures Media Operation
Marketing | March 5, 2014
MDC Partners has merged two media agencies it acquired in 2012—TargetCast and RJ Palmer—to create a new media agency called Assembly. The Toronto-born, New York-based holding company has also rebranded its umbrella media unit, Maxxcom, as MDC Media Partners.

Lacroix: CBC Should Not Become 'Niche Broadcaster'
Marketing | March 5, 2014
CBC head Hubert Lacroix says there is no future for the public broadcaster in becoming a “niche broadcaster,” restricting itself to doing only what Canada’s private broadcasters can’t – or won’t – do because there is no business incentive.

TSN Launches New Digital Platform, BarDown
Broadcaster | March 3, 2014
Covering sports far beyond typical hard news, stats and analysis, brings Canadians fun, original, and buzz-worthy sports content with a pop culture twist.

TV Drives Conversation on Facebook
Research Brief | February 27, 2014
Posts about TV shows are the catalyst for TV-related conversations that continue in the form of comments.

Mid-Season Report: Don't Touch That Dial
Marketing | February 26, 2014
Broadcasters standing strong and holding onto audiences and ad dollars.

Cross-Platform Measurement's Leap Forward
MediaDailyNews | February 26, 2014
The cross-platform measurement market is awash with various solutions, but none able to successfully measure non-duplicated individual demographics across platforms --  except Project Blueprint.

Olympic Coverage Keeps Breaking Records
Mediacaster | February 25, 2014
More than 33.35 million Canadians viewed at least some Sochi 2014 content in English or French across all its platforms.

New and Spots Share Screen Time
TVNewsCheck | February 25, 2014
Content running during commercial breaks, usually in the form of a crawl, is a reason to watch and perhaps more importantly, a reason not to change the channel.

Is House of Cards Really a Hit?
The Atlantic | February 24, 2014

The average CBS program has twice as many viewers as House of Cards.

More Than 15 Million Canadians Watched Gold Medal Hockey Win Over Sweden
Globe and Mail | February 24, 2014
More than 15 million watched some portion of last Sunday’s game, in which Canada defeated Sweden 3-0 to win its second consecutive gold medal. CBC reported an average television audience of 8.5 million.

How Long Can OTT Services Remain Unregulated?
The Wire Report | February 21, 2014
Since they made their entrance in the Canadian television sphere, Netflix and its over-the-top brethren have so far operated — quite literally — outside the rules.

CBC Olympic Web Streams, App Downloads Break Records
Mediacaster | February 21, 2014
Canadians have so far been consuming Olympic content online like never before.

New Digital Media Streaming Services Launching in Canada
Mediacaster | February 20, 2014
New streaming media services are launching across the country, delivering free videos, music, e-books and more to connected PCs, tablets or smartphones.

CRTC Launches Online Choicebook, Hosts Twitter Talks on Future of TV in Canada
Mediacaster | February 19, 2014
The extended consultation now includes Let’s Talk TV: Choicebook, in which Canadians can provide their input on the difficult choices to be made regarding the country's television system.

No, TV Isn't Dead
FYI Television | February 18, 2014
In short, telecom customers are up, live audiences are up, premium subscribers are up, overall revenues are up and local viewers maintain their dedication.

Big Screen Maintains Iron Grip on TV Viewing
RapidTVNews | February 17, 2014
The more we learn, the clearer it becomes that the TV set will remain our favourite way to watch TV – especially as on-demand services become more available on the best screen.”

Mobile TV Apps Gain Increasing Acceptance
RapidTVNews | February 16, 2014
Fifty-five of smartphone owners and 61% of tablet owners use a TV-related app at least once a month says new research from Parks Associates.

Can Media Companies Thrive in a Multi-Platform World? Michael MacMillan Thinks So
Canadian Business | February 14, 2014

Blue Ant, the company MacMillan founded has plunged into a media environment that bears almost no resemblance to the industry he’d vacated four years earlier.

That's Amore: Love Affair With Sports Extends Across Screens
Nielsen | February 13, 2014
Even though sports events only account for 1.2% of all TV programming, conversations about sports make up nearly half of all Tweets about TV (49.7%).

The Argument for More Effective Short-Form Ads
Nielsen | February 13, 2014
Many advertisers don’t have the resources to create entirely new ad concepts customized for each channel, and they must repurpose 30-second ads for each of the short-form spots.

MEC Releases Its 2014 Trend Preview
MEC | February 12, 2014
TV has never been better: Not only are we able to watch more great content on more platforms and with more control, but the quality, breadth and depth of TV content is better than ever.

Who Rules the Second Screen, Facebook or Twitter?
Forbes | February 12, 2014

Sixty percent of the interactions around primetime programming take place during the broadcast.

Twitter Supporting TV (and Ads) in a Number of Ways
Connect 2 Media & Entertainment | February 12, 2014
Watching TV with a second screen improves ad recall and ads with hashtags earned 42% more Tweets than TV ads without them.

Couples Find TV Viewing a Bonding Experience
MediaDailyNews | February 12, 2013
Nearly 70% of married couples felt watching TV together as a couple is a bonding experience.

Rogers Communications Reports Q4 Results
Newswire | February 12, 2014
Media continued top line growth while significantly increased hockey broadcasts in current quarter impacted profit growth rates.

Online Ads Are Mostly Ignored
Warc | February 11, 2014
Goo Technologies, a Swedish tech business, found online ads are the least paid attention to, with 82% of respondents ignoring these.

Netflix Binge-Viewing Bad for Business
Home Media Magazine | February 11, 2014

Binge viewing really fails on several points — on the social, artistic and the financial aspects of it. One of the great ways to build viewership and excitement [around a TV show] is for people to talk about the episodes during the course of work, breaks, or when they’re having dinner with friends.

GeoTargeted Ads on CHCH, Cogeco Cable
Mediacaster | February 11, 2014
CHCH TV and Cogeco Cable are using targeted and addressable advertising solutions, and now they are kicking off a customizable ad service based on geolocation.

CBC Releases Stats for Multiplatform Coverage of Sochi Games
Broadcaster | February 11, 2014

Twenty-eight million Canadians have tuned in to some part of Olympic content on either a French or English platform since Feb. 6 (81% of all Canadians). Nine percent tuned in to watch on a digital platform.

What's Empowering the New Digital Consumer?
Nielsen | February 10, 2014
Content once available only via specific channels, such as print and broadcast television, can today be delivered to consumers through their multiple connected devices.

Marketing the Olympics
CBC | February 8, 2014
A look at the long and interesting history of Olympic Marketing.

Success of Netflix, Google Leads to Calls for New Rules
The Star | February 7, 2013

The Canadian Media Production Association, which represents independent producers of English films and television shows, recently told a Senate committee that new rules are needed to address the threat posed by popular Internet video services such as Netflix.

How Influential Are Celebrities?
Marketing Charts | February 7, 2014
45% of adults believe that celebrities can make either a large (11%) or some (33%) positive difference to issues they are promoting.

Why TV Ad Dollars Won't Go Online -- In 10 Words
Online Spin | February 6, 2014
TV impressions are 100% of the screen for 30 seconds.

CBC Partners with Cablecos, Telcos, TV Nets to Deliver Winter Olympic Content
Mediacaster | February 6, 2014

Live and on-demand coverage of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games will be widely distributed, thanks to licensing agreements with Bell Canada, Rogers Communications, TELUS Optik TV, Videotron as well as and YouTube.

Rogers Unveils NHL Strategy: 500+ Games, Multiple Platforms, New Studio Facilities
Mediacaster | February 5, 2014

Seven media platforms will be used to deliver Rogers NHL content: TV, digital, radio, publishing, wireless, cable, and social, for which additional details are to come

Have Your TV Advertising Cake and Eat It
Newsline | February 4, 2014

TV advertising allows you to build a brand on a long-term basis. It allows you to weave a story, to engage with your audience, and to create a bond with them.

Super Bowl Rakes in Viewers on TV, Social Media to Set New Record
Brandchannel | February 4, 2014
At a time of atomization in which we all end up down the hobbit holes of our special interests, big live television fulfills a need to have something, anything, in common.

Super Bowl Underscores the Big Business of Must-See, Live TV
NY Times | February 2, 2014
At a time of atomization in which we all end up down the hobbit holes of our special interests, big live television fulfills a need to have something, anything, in common.

Canadian Orphans Seeking License for News Specialty Channel from CRTC
Mediacaster | January 30, 2014

Starlight wants to launch a specialty television channel and multi-platform service that will be devoted to Canadian feature films, feature documentaries, made-for-TV movies, and programs with or about Canadian filmmakers.

Global Consumer Confidence Outlook for 2014 Looks Brighter
Nielsen | January 29, 2014
As 2014 progresses, a brighter outlook is expected, but sluggishness will continue until there is a marked improvement in the jobless rate and wages go up commensurate with rising costs

Twitter to Impact Price of TV Ads
AdNews | January 29, 2014
Tweeters have greater recall of ads and 37% greater engagement, which makes the audience more valuable and could mean some shows end up costing advertisers a lot more.

CRTC Releases Report on Phase 1 of "Let's Talk TV: Conversation with Canadians"
Broadcaster | January 29, 2014

Most who participated in Phase 1 of this process want more from their television services. They call for greater choice in content and meaningful competitive alternatives.

Cheaper Theme Packs Key to Winning Back Cord Cutters, Shavers: Ipsos
Cartt | January 29, 2014
A new survey from Ipsos MediaCT found that ‘cord lovers’ continue to outpace ‘cord shavers’.

The Most Influential Brands in Canada
Ipsos | January 28, 2014
To Canadians, brands are more than just corporate logos. They have meaning, personality and even attitude. When it comes to asking which brand is the most trustworthy, has the most presence or is most engaging – the answer can be a very personal one.

Fournaise: Over 70% of Marketers Got it Wrong in 2013
Business Wire January 27, 2014
70% of Marketers believed Marketing Automation, Ommichannel executions & Big Data management would be “game changers” for them in 2013 and spent more of their time, efforts (and money) on these areas last year.

Traditional Media Yields Extraordinary ROI for SMBs
Research Brief | January 24, 2014
TV had the highest perceived ROI among the traditional media, with 50% of SMBs rating it as either excellent or extraordinary (over 20 times the return).

TV Ads Deliver Emotional Connections
WARC | January 24, 2014 
Television ads still play a vital role in delivering messages to consumers as they prompt "strong, immersive emotional connections", according to a study published in the Journal of Advertising Research.

10 Metrics Every Video Advertiser Should Measure in 2014
Online Video Insider | January 24, 2014
If you have reach and frequency you can plan a campaign, the rest is just finery.

Celebrities Swarming Super Bowl Ads
USA Today | January 24, 2014
You have to give people a reason not to click the remote.

TV Tops Second Screen for Viewers' Attention
MediaDailyNews | January 23, 2014

More than three-quarters of TV viewers are “primarily focused” on watching TV programming

Mobile Video - How Long Until Prime Time?
MediaDailyNews | January 23, 2014
Whereas, the vast majority of the population watches some amount of TV everyday – often hours of it – mobile video is still at the stage where short clips and less frequent usage dominates the medium.

Why Apple Bounces and Banks Splat: The Challenge of Reputation
MediBizBloggers | January 23, 2014
People build brands as birds build nests, from scraps and straws we chance upon; shaped by what others think, say and write.

Three-Quarters of TV Viewers Are Primarily Focused on What's on TV, Even When Multitasking
Marketwire | January 23, 2014
Seventy-three percent of survey respondents agree that "there are certain shows that are so important to me or so tricky to follow, I make sure not to do other things while I am watching them."

Digital Platforms Central to Comprehensive Olympic Schedule
Mediacaster | January 23, 2014
CBC will live stream all events to portable media devices like smartphones or tablets, saying its the first Olympic Winter Games such access is available to Canadians.

Advertising vs. Agencies, Dinosaurs vs. Cockroaches - Brian Wieser-Pivotal
RBR | January 22, 2014
There are certainly going to be large, incumbent survivors as media continues to evolve, such as owners of media properties focused on television.

Images Drive Brand Engagement on Twitter
Mobile Marketing Daily | January 21, 2014
Tweets that include links to photos, along with image preview images that appear in a user's Twitter feed, draw 150% more engagement than the average for brands

Digital Revs Hit $8B in 2013, Shadow's TV's $150B Gain
Online Video Daily | January 21, 2014
Last year, how did digital video dollars compare to TV dollars? TV revenue rose $7 billion to $150 billion, while digital revenue rose $2 billion to $8 billion.

Why a US Net Neutrality Court Case May Affect Canadians Too
TechVibes | January 21, 2014
Net neutrality rules were created to require Internet service providers to treat all online traffic equally. Those who oppose the rules would like to put a price premium on certain internet services like YouTube or Netflix and pass the cost on to the consumer.

Twitter's 2014 Strategy: The Intersection of Video and Data
Adweek | January 20, 2014
Advertisers have the ability to reach people simultaneously on TV and Twitter. It’s a second-screen option that’s not happening elsewhere.

CDN Plans for 4K Ultra HD Deliveries
Mediacaster |January 20, 2014
4K streaming video will provide a new experience for viewers and new revenues for providers.

TMT (Technology, Media and Telecom) Predictions 2014
Deloitte | January 2014
Overall TV watching is flat, and the one fifth of Canadians who watch the most traditional TV are predicted to watch even more: 8.2 hours per day, up 10% from 2009 levels.

Why TV Ad Spend Will Grow More Than Digital Spend in the Next Five Years
OnlineSpin | January 16, 2014
TV ad spend in the U.S. will grow more each year for the next five years than digital video ads will (yes, you read that correctly.)

theScore Announces Q1 Results
Broadcaster | January 16, 2014
"We're off to a great start in 2014, with record quarterly revenue and a record number of sports fans using theScore to follow the leagues, teams and players they care about," said John Levy, Chairman and CEO.

Cassaday Calls 2014 a Pivotal Year for Corus
Marketing Magazine | January 15, 2014
Solid advertising growth in both its women and family portfolio – led by the specialty services W Network and YTV – and subscriber gains for its new specialty service ABC Spark.

Ad Industry Continues to Grow: Statistics Canada
Marketing Magazine | January 15, 2014
Operating revenues for the advertising and related services industry increased 2.9% to $7.1 billion between 2011 and 2012, with all provinces except New Brunswick seeing an increase.

How Can You Reach People Who Will Tweet About Your Brand?
Nielsen | January 15, 2014
There’s no shortage of people tweeting about live TV these days—it’s a digital phenomenon and picking up speed. In 2013 alone, 36 million people sent 990 Million Tweets about TV, according to Nielsen SocialGuide.

Forget Cord-Cutting: Canadians Happy to Pay for Extra TV
CBC | January 14, 2014
More that 2.5 million Canadian households have multiple TV subscriptions, paying for TV through a traditional provider and at least one other online TV service.

Will Streaming Video Be Wrestling's Killer Move?
VidBlog | January 14, 2014
Essentially, WWE is cashing in its cable pay-per-view business—its bread and butter—for online.

Super Bowl Spots Pull Record High
MediaDailyNews | January 14, 2013
This year the average 30-second commercial in 2014 is going for $4.1 million to $4.4 million.

Being First With the Best Is's Goal
TVNewsCheck | January 12, 2014
The level of content hasn’t changed much, but the layout and accessibility is easier.

TV May Benefit From Decline In Moviegoing
MediaDailyNews | January 10, 2014
Increasingly, cost is having a strong effect on the moviegoing experience as more viewers choose to stay home.

Is 2014 the year Canadian TV changes forever? Rogers signing waves of content deals for new Hulu/Netflix clone
Cartt | January 9, 2014
Rogers has been signing a massive number of content deals and at least one significant partnership agreement in an effort to battle back against Netflix in Canada by launching a new, national, OTT video portal.

TV - Not Dying. Diversifying
MediaDailyNews | Jan 9, 2014

There’s a very real interdependence that ensures others survive and thrive in relation to each other. Netflix and Amazon Prime need TV content to make available on their services.

Second Screens Can Drive Viewers to TV
MediaDailyNews | January 7, 2014
Second screens are working to drive viewers back to the original TV content", says Luis Goicouria, senior vice president of the PGA Tour.

From The 'Big 3' To 'Big Data:' TV Audience Targeting Comes Of Age
MediaDailyNews | January 7, 2014
Two trends: the sudden availability of massive amounts of highly granular data -- both in terms of what people are doing on TV and what they are doing off of TV. The other is toward automation.

Corus Completes Purchase of Historia, Séries+ and TELETOON Canada Inc.
Broadcaster | January 6, 2014
With these acquisitions, Corus now owns 100% of Historia, Séries+ and TELETOON Canada. In April 2013, Corus also consolidated its ownership of ABC Spark and divested its 20% interest in Food Network Canada.

Everything Changes, Everything Stays the Same
Videonet | January 6, 2014
The TV industry seems particularly prey to myths and misconceptions. Some of them are accidental and some deliberate.

Calling TV's Superfans: Nielsen Starts Tracking Networks' Viewer Loyalty
Advertising Age | January 6, 2014
New measurement follows a study commissioned by Bravo to assess the loyalty of its audience and how it ranks against other cable networks.

Why Adland Is Swarming CES 
Advertising Age | January 5, 2014
For marketers like GE and Unilever it's a glimpse of how they'll reach consumers in the future.

Set Your Televisions to 'Engage'
Online Video Insider | January 3, 2014

TV producers and network executives love real-time engagement: It means people are watching.

Netflix Test Drives Additional Pricing Tiers 
RapidTVNews | January 3, 2014
Netflix is trialling new pricing models based on tiers of simultaneous streams, and if all goes well, they could replace the $7.99 streaming-only subscription.

New Business Models, Not New Technology, Key to TV Success
Mediacaster | January 2, 2014
If you want to know what viewers really think about television you must listen to what the audience is telling you. 

Six Reasons Everyone Must Read Erwin Ephron`s Book Media Planning
Online Spin | January 2, 2014
Some of the questions Ephron addresses: How does advertising work? Why does media selection seem so irrational? Why does recency work? Why does reach always trump frequency?

Social TV Insights 
Nielsen SocialGuide | 2014
Tweeting about live TV is a familiar phenomenon today with 36 million people sending 990 Million Tweets about TV in 2013 alone.


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