Media Releases

2014-11-04: "Theresa Treutler, President & CEO of TVB announces departure at the end of the year."

2014-10-08: "VOD Test in English Canada Demonstrates Previously Unreported Audience Lift of up to 9% - Study quantifies changing consumer behaviour and new TV viewers"

2014-05-29: "New TV Research Study Confirms Commercial Television is the Dominant Video-VIewing Medium in Canada"

2013-10-3: "New Industry Ad Revenue Report Includes First-Time Statement of Television Online Revenues"

2013-05-29: "Television is the Most Effective, Powerful and Persuasive Way to Connect with Canadians"

2011-11-14: "Television Most Influential, Effective & Powerful Way"

2011-10-11: "TV is Still King of the Screens"

2011-02-17: "TVB Announces 2011 Board of Directors"

2010-09-30: "Television and Online - A Peaceful Alliance"

2010-09-21: "Ad Campaign Sells Broccoli and the Power of Television" 

2010-08-11: "PVR Users Stop to Watch Commercials"

2010-07-06: "Young Adults Most Receptive and Attentive to TV Ads" 

2010-06-24: "TV Still the Most Influential and Persuasive Advertising Medium"

2010-06-07: "'Precious' Director Lee Daniels Headlines Bessies Awards

2010-02-03: "Where have all the 18-24 year old viewers gone? PPM has found them, and they have been watching TV!"

2010-01-28: "Study Reveals TV as Most Effective Medium for Delivering High Emotional Engagement, Cognitive Recall"

2009-06-11: "Survey Shows Television Advertising Delivers"

2009-01-12: "As Seen On TV" Still Best for Ads

2008-09-04: Commercial Skipping "Not an Issue" - TVB

2008-07-31: TV/Internet Synergies Revealed

2008-05-28: What Medium REALLY Delivers?

2008-03-31: Douglas Coupland to Headline 2008 Bessies Awards

2008-02-12: Alberta Health and Wellness Wins Consumers' Choice

2008-02-01: Television: Unbeatable with or without the WGA disruption (ppt)

2008-01-30: Television: Unbeatable with or without the WGA disruption (doc)

2008-01-28: Hall of Famer to Close TVB Conference

2007-12-13: TVB Announces 2008 Board of Directors

2007-11-28: Over 300 Entries Received for 2007 TVB Retail Commercial Awards

2007-11-09: Television Front and Centre for Cassies 2007 Winners

2007-08-07: Television Is More Buoyant Than Ever

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