The Bessies


Show Date: Thursday, March 26th, 2015


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Since 1963, the Bessies has been recognizing the finest in Canadian television advertising -- a period almost as long as the history of commercial TV itself. One thing that has remained constant, however, is what The Bessies stand for: the best of Canadian television advertising ideas, singling out that very select group of craftspeople making commercials for Canadian companies and audiences. With our competitive point of reference fixed more widely on the international stage, The Bessies must always work at raising standards and the currency of a Bessies win.

The Bessies is an annual TV commercial competition organized by the Television Bureau of Canada in conjunction with the Broadcast Executives Society. Entries are accepted from any individual or group engaged in creating or producing Canadian television commercials. This includes, though not by way of limitation, advertising agencies, production houses, television stations and advertisers. As French language commercials are honoured at La Féte de la Pub, they are not included in The Bessies. The competition is open to all television commercials created for a Canadian viewing audience, originated by an agency/production facility incorporated in Canada. To be eligible entries must have been telecast in the exact and complete format in which they were submitted.

Craft Category

Craft film categories include Animation, Best Use of Music, Casting, Cinematography, Colourist, Directing, Editing, Production Design, Sound Design, and Special Effects / Compositing. On the creative front, film for TV and digital film categories are judged and awarded separately.

Individual Achievement Awards

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The Bessies

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