The Telecaster Committee of Canada (now known as Telecaster services of TVB) was formed in 1973 by private broadcasters as a voluntary, self-governing, commercial, infomercial and public service announcement (PSA) clearance committee. The Committee has grown steadily in membership since that time, proving to be an organization which inspires responsibility and trust. In 1995, the Telecaster Committee began clearing infomercials for its member channels. In 1998, Telecaster member channels implemented a policy to deal with the issue of late copy.

If Telecaster services did not exist, it is likely you would have to send your commercials for clearance to at least 45 different stations and networks who would each have their own rules and regulations, as well as submitting to the necessary regulatory bodies. Rarely is a commercial, infomercial or psa cleared by Telecaster removed from the air. However, the Telecaster guidelines are voluntary, and a member may or may not wish to telecast a commercial in order to comply with the individual station or network policy.

The primary function of Telecaster staff is to review each advertising message or announcement to make certain that it complies with the Telecaster Guidelines included on this website. As well, staff will provide assistance to advertisers regarding general interpretation of these guidelines prior to production or telecast. The Telecaster staff is not empowered to administer non-Telecaster codes, regulations or guidelines.

IMPORTANT!! Telecaster recommends that whenever possible, scripts or storyboards be submitted for approval to the appropriate regulatory bodies and to Telecaster before production. This eliminates the risk of a produced commercial not being approved.

Telecaster may make reference to voluntary industry standards e.g., codes regarding violence, gender portrayal, broadcast ethics and the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards.

Each commercial, upon acceptance, will receive the Telecaster One Number, signifying to the station traffic department that all other clearance numbers have been received. Therefore, it is necessary that only the One Number appear on the Broadcast Schedule or Standardized Traffic Form.

In 1988, the Telecaster Committee membership expanded the use of the Telecaster One Number and it is now used by many of our members as a billing reference number along with the agency two letter brand code. This system has proven to be successful, resulting in fewer discrepancies and a better control of commercials for all parties.

As you can see, it is essential the information you send to stations and networks is identical to the information you send to Telecaster. If your agency is not the Agency of Record (AOR), a phone call to that agency will give you the desired information.

For your convenience this site contains a contact list that identifies the various industry clearance bodies, their addresses, urls, telephone and fax numbers. As well you will find the list of our member stations.

** Please note that every version of every commercial, infomercial and PSA requires its own Telecaster approval number. This means that every 800 number, tag, donut, etc... must obtain its own Telecaster number. If the content of your commercial changes at all, be it a technical revision (ie. revision to legal super), a logo change etc..., this new version will also require a new Telecaster number.

Telecaster services has compiled this web site to ensure success in getting your commercials cleared and to air. If you have any questions, our Commercial Co-ordinators will always try to help you.



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