Direct Response Advertising

Direct Response Advertising (DRTV) refers to commercials that include all of the following elements: 

  • Directly encourages viewers to purchase products or services via the telephone and/or internet in audio and video, and;
  • Discloses the actual price of the product or service in audio and video, and;
  • Provides a station specific 800# and/or Url

For example; “Call now to order the new (product/service) for $29.95” or “Order the new (product/service) online now at www…ca for $29.95.” Once a DRTV commercial is approved, the letters “DR” will appear after the dash of the Telecaster Approval Number i.e. C1234567-DR

Please note that the following purchase terms must also be displayed on the price screen (in a clear and concise manner) in video only for a minimum of 3 seconds:

1. Whether the price stated is in Canadian (CDN) or US funds
2. Plus applicable taxes
3. Plus shipping & handling *
4. When relevant, the advertiser should indicate that a money back guarantee does not include the shipping costs to return the product. For example, “30 Day Money Back Guarantee (Less S+H).”

* Point three is applicable to products that are offered without cost and where a shipping and handling fee will apply.

If the viewer will incur charges for placing the call please refer to the Phone Service Guideline.

Important To Note:


Offers and Purchase Terms:  “All” commercials that contain; limited time offers, special financing offers, “Do not pay until” and “Do not pay the tax” offers, must adhere to the following requirements:

  • All” commercials that contain financing terms such as “0% financing” and “Do Not Pay Until … (Date)” must add a video super that indicates that the offer is based on approved credit or “O.A.C.
  • For “all” commercials that contain an offer such as “Do Not Pay The Tax” or “We Pay The GST,” a video disclosure statement will need to be added to the commercial to indicate how this is calculated at the time of sale or a “see store for details” video super will need to be added to the commercial. 

DR Commercials must also comply with all other relevant Telecaster Services guidelines.



Originally Posted: 4/16/2008 1:42:58 PM
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