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Does TV advertising work?
Television enjoys a long and proven history in terms of message delivery and communication efficacy. It has proven time and time again that TV can be relied upon to achieve an advertisers communication objective and contribute to the achievement of associated business, marketing and sales goals. For more information on the Canadian TV landscape, click here, or take a look at our Case Studies section for definitive proof that TV delivers.

What length of commercial should I use?
It really comes down to your campaign's objectives. Shorter spots can still convey effective brand messages and are a good way to efficiently extend your reach. Longer spots are better suited for more complex brand messages and provide more time to tell a story and build persuasion. They enjoy higher recall but their cost is naturally higher. Thirty-second spots are the happy middle ground. They allow enough time to tell a brand story and are less expensive than ads 60-seconds and longer in length than their 15-second counterparts. They are great for brand-building and humorous campaigns and are recalled at 75%-80% of their 60-second counterparts.  More...

Is the 30-second commercial still the most popular length for commercials?
Yes, the 30-second spot placed first among all the lengths with a total of 30,000 spots approved in Fiscal 2013. The 15-second spot placed second with a total of 18,000 spots approved in 2013.

Will commercials airing on U.S. stations be seen by a Canadian audience?
The short answer: No

The fact that Canadian audiences do enjoy the majority of popular U.S. shows is one thing, but the way audiences receive the signal is another. In Canada, U.S. programs that air on American stations have their signal temporarily substituted by a distributor with a Canadian one when a domestic station is airing that program at the same time, so that Canadian audiences see the Canadian commercials.

Canadian audiences watch the vast majority of their programming on our own stations and networks. Yes, we do watch the big American networks, but these stations only attract a small fraction of the total audience. For example, CBS affiliated stations garnered just 1.5% of the total hours viewed by Canadians in the fall of 2014, according to Numeris. ABC, NBC, and Fox earned even less.

Should I advertise in a recession?
Of course! It's the perfect time to pick up market share when your competitors are reducing their profile. Big marketers will threaten, but many can ill afford to be completely off television. 

"This is not the time to cut advertising. It is well documented that brands that increase advertising during a recession, when competitors are cutting back, can improve market share and return on investment at lower cost than during good economic times. Uncertain consumers need the reassurance of known brands--and more consumers at home watching television can deliver higher than expected audiences at lower cost-per-thousand impressions."

John Quelch
Senior Associate Dean and Lincoln Filene Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School   More...  

Originally Posted: 2/6/2014 10:00:01 AM
Last Updated: 7/10/2015 11:05:20 AM