2011 Numbers


  • According to the Harvard Business Review, people now cram the equivalent of 12 hours of media consumption into 9 hours.

Marketing:Health | January 13, 2012 "Where TV and Mobile Intersects, the Media Multi-tasker Lives"

  • 80% of adults in the US have heard of 3D TV; of those, 5% are very interested in getting a 3D TV
  • 21% of all households have purchased a new TV set in the past 12 months, 19% are planning to purchase a new set in the next 12 months

Leichtman Research Group
Research Brief | January 13, 2012 "2/3 of U.S. Households Have Hi-Def... With Room for More"

  • Overall, the typical American consumer spends just under 33 hours watching traditional television a week, as opposed to dedicating four hours to using the web via a PC.

Warc | January 10, 2012 "TV Retains Key Role in US"

Many auto manufacturers who posted large sales gains also increased their TV spend:

  • Chrysler sales were up 26% in October 2011; Spending on spot TV was increased by 72% over the previous year
  • Ford produced 13% more sales of cars light trucks vs. October 2010; Spending on spot TV was up by 44%

TVB (US) | January 9, 2012 "Local Broadcast Television - A Designated Sales Driver?"

  • 37% of those aged 18-24 are looking up information on a show while watching TV
  • 32% were discussing the show online
  • and 25% were visiting the show"s network website

Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing
TMCnet | December 31, 2011 "More Content, Less Clarity"

  • 76% of college age people are using a second screen while watching TV
  • Social TV is on its way to attracting $10B incremental advertising dollars, of which 70% will go to the legacy broadcast and cable networks

Jack Myers Media Business Report | January 9, 2011 "The Media Year on Wall St. 2011"

  • 78% of of boomer women say their adult child has moved home for economic reasons. 55% percent of them are 26 or older; a full 28% are over 30.

Vibrant Nation study Boomer Women 50+ the Full Nest
Engage:Boomers | January 9, 2012 "Is He Still A Boomerang 'Child' If He's 30? And What That Means If You're Marketing To His Mom"

  • Expectations for the economy in 2012. Almost half expect things to remain about the same " 47%, to be exact.
  • 45% of US households were looking to cut household spending in 2011; a number that has been decreasing from 55% in 2009 and 49% in 2010

Harris Poll
RBR/TVBR | January 7, 2012 "Consumers still wary going into 2012"

  • Children are responsible for sending their parents into a toy-spin. Over two-thirds of toy purchases were heavily influenced by the kids with Mom being more influenced by them (71%) than Dad (54%).

Google's The Role of Digital in the Toy Shopper's Journey
BizReport | January 6, 2012 "Pester power sends parents online toy shopping"

  • TV has seen the biggest jump in Google"s spending, leaping from $6-million in 2010 to $38.1-million in the year to September, a six-fold increase, according to Kantar.

The Globe and Mail | December 28, 2011 "Google turns to television to lure consumers"

  • Global TV adspend will reach $163bn in 2012, an increase of 5.4% from the year before

Digital TV Research
Warc | December 23, 2011 "TV to Enjoy 2012 Effect"

  • Technology not only did NOT erode viewing, it actually created time -- a new hour every day, seven new hours every week, 365 new hours -- more than 15 additional days -- every year. More people watch more television, now, than ever.

Huffington Post | December 14, 2011 "The Death of Television"

  • 62% of U.S. consumers said they would likely watch live TV on laptops, tablets and smartphones, if their cable or satellite TV provider offered the service for no extra charge
  • 55% said a multiscreen TV service would help when they have to "compete for control of the remote"

Broadcom survey
Multichannel News | December 9, 2011 "I Want My Multiscreen TV: Survey"

  • Looking at single-show, double-task behaviour, where people watch a program and visit the show"s website at the same time, only 4% of Gen Yers and 3% of Gen Xers say they do it regularly.
  • A slightly higher 10% and 7% says they use social media every evening they watch TV.
    And, across 13-to-54 year-olds who do so, 6% say they regularly use it read about a TV program or network; 8% to "friend," "like" or "follow" them; and 4% post or comment about them.

Knowledge Networks
TVBlog | November 30, 2011 "Research: Social Media Doesn't Play Starring Role in Network Marketing"

  • Non-store retail sales accounted for 8.7% of total retail sales in November
  • ComScore estimates that approximately 30% of all consumer electronic sales in the US are now bought online

Internet Retailer
Research Brief | December 19, 2011 "Ecommerce Bettering Bricks; Stores Staying Open; Web Ships Free"

  • Consumers expected their loyalty, whether it be via Twitter or Facebook or some other social environment, to result in exclusive offers (67%), access to competitions and games (65%), and interaction with other customers (60%).

Chief Marketing Officer Council
BizReport | December 13, 2011 "CMOs Aren't in Tune With What Consumers want from Social Media"

  • 92% of Britons have gone online to discuss a TV show
  • 63% of those have discussed a TV show online as they are watching it

Motorola study
Warc | December 16, 2011 "New habits strengthen TV in UK"

  • The average adult consumer spends 4 hours and 34 minutes each day watching TV and video on a traditional television set this year, up 10 minutes from last year
  • Time spent with the internet and mobile phones was also up"by 7.7% and 30%
  • The increases to TV and digital also mean an increase in total time spent with media, to 11 hours and 33 minutes.

eMarketer | December 12, 2011 "TV, Mobile See Gains in Viewing Time"

  • A third of Global TV's video views have come from the channel's iPad app

Cartt | December 6, 2011 "Broadcasters prioritize digital, but at what cost?"

Fathers with children aged 6-14 are significantly more likely to be planning on purchasing a host of consumer electronics:

  • 42% are planning for a new smartphone
  • 36% a new TV
  • 27% a tablet computer
  • 20% a laptop
  • 20% 3DTV
  • 19% Blu-ray player

Ipsos OTX MediaCT
Research Brief  | December 12, 2011 "Like Father, Like Son"

  • CBS now places10 to 14 commercials in its online programs
  • For all its online video content, CBS receives a 96% completion rate

MediaDailyNews | December 5, 2011 "TV Shifts to Playback Model, VOD Offers Ad Potential"

  • 72% of viewers 18+ recognize brands in ads they are trying to skip

TVB | July 2011 "Television & the PVR"

Baby Boomers are buying "cool and youth" with technology:

"71% of Boomers go online every day. (Pew Internet)
"66% of Boomers send text messages. (Deloitte)
"Boomers dominate 94% or 1,023 out of 1,083 consumer packaged goods categories. (Nielsen)
"Boomers spend more money each month on technology than Gen X or Gen Y " an average of $650 per month. (Forrester Research)

Engage:Boomers | November 21, 2011 "A Boomer State of Mind"

  • Aided recall for brands advertised was essentially the same across the three VOD ad loads tested -- about 63% for the three-minute loads, compared to approximately 58% for the five-and-a-half and eight-minute loads.

Advanced Advertising Media Project
MediaDailyNews | November 16, 2011 "AAMP Says It's OK to Ramp: VOD Research Finds Even Heavy Ad Loads Are Effective"

  • Online viewers who experience a single video start-up failure return 54% less

Video Nuze | November 15m 2011 "Buffering: Video Engagement's #1 Enemy"

  • 38% of TV viewing multitaskers are looking up content related to what they're watching on TV
  • 36% use their devices to look up more information on the TV spot they just watched
  • 57% of TV viewers using tablets are often searching for related content

Razorfish and Yahoo
Online Media Daily | November 11, 2011 "Mobile Multitask: Most Viewers Watch TV, Text At Same Time"

  • In total, 32% of users surveyed, 14% more than last year, say they watch more than 30 hours of TV a week. Most surprising, 93% say they're watching more live TV " up from last year's 90%.

TVGuide.com's Fall 2011 Survey
TV Guide | November 3, 2011 "Fall TV Survey: You Can't Get Enough TV, Can You?"

  • Despite economic challenges and a volatile environment, 47% of marketers said they"ve increased their TV advertising budgets since 2009. Thirty percent said their TV ad budgets have remained the same.

Association of National Advertisers (ANA)
MediaPost Raw | October 24, 2011 "Study Finds TV Still No. 1 With Advertisers"

  • 79% of Canadians believe that advertising provides them with value " only 19% said it provides no value " while 63% said it is either somewhat or very helpful in their consumer decision-making
  • 52% believe that advertising shapes rather than mirrors society

Advertising Standards Canada, Canadian Perspectives on Advertising
Marketing | November 16, 2011 "Canadians 'healthy skeptics" when it comes to advertising: study"

  • Anthony"s (a regional pizza chain) has been relying heavily on out-of-home because of its low CPMs and effectiveness at brand differentiation. But this year, the chain is switching from 90% OOH to 90% television.

Marketing Daily | November 15, 2011 "Regional Chain Uses TV to Take On Big Pizza Brands"

  • Research shows that about half of all consumer conversations include references to media/marketing . . . led by paid advertising.

Keller Fay | November 3 , 2011 "Traditional Media is Social's 'Rock in the Pond"

Local Honda and Toyota dealer Mike Johnson:

  • 90% of his ad spend is spent annually with TV
  • What's important - As an automobile dealer, how many people you need to talk to on average to sell one car. Once I know that, how many people do I need to talk to in order to sell the number of cars I need to sell. Then how much money do I need to spend to attract that many people here? That"s the number; that"s what you have got to spend.

TVNewsCheck | November 13, 2011 "Local TV Drives Auto Dealer Successes"

  • Americans watch 44 billion hours per month of live TV " dwarfing all time spent on the internet, which clocks in at 10 billion aggregate hours. DVR viewing adds another 3 billion hours per month.

Multichannel News | November 1, 2011 "TV: The 44 Billion Hour Monthly Advantage"

A Canadian survey of media buyers revealed:

  • (55%) of survey respondents cited price as the biggest barrier to the growth of online video, followed by limited reach (12%), lack of targeting capabilities (11%) and poor inventory quality (9%)

BrightRoll Canada/IAB
Marketing Magazine | November 2, 2011 "Canadians Like Online Video, But Marketers Slow to Deliver It"

  • 64% of B-to-C marketers report that their television budget has increased over the past two years and 36% said that television advertising has become increasingly important to their marketing strategy in the past two years

Association of National Advertisers
RBR/TVBR | October 25, 2011 "ANA: Half of Marketers Increased TV Budgets Since 2009"

  • As many as 43% of consumers ignore online display ads

Adweek study
MediaPost | October 24, 2011 "5 Ways to End Banner Blindness"

  • TV advertising created the most profit (an average return of "1.70 for every "1 invested) and its return on investment (ROI) increased by 22% in the last five years
  • TV advertising is 2.5 times more effective at creating sales uplift per equivalent exposure than the next best performing medium

Thinkbox 2011 | Payback 3: Ad Success in Tough Times

Diary of a cord cutter:

  • By adding up every other expense incurred over the period of one year meant a cash outlay of about $5000 to save two grand. And there was less convenience and low quality.

The Washington Times | November 3, 2011 "Pay-TV: Breaking the habit isn't cheap"

  • 78% of Canadians say smart TVs are the future vs. 50% for 3D TV. The other half said of 3D: "it's a fad."

Solutions Research Group
Cartt | November 1, 2011 "Canadians more interested in smart TVs than 3DTVs, says SRG report"

  • Advertisers generally give TV advertising high marks for effectiveness, with 82% saying that the return on investment in television advertising has either increased or remained the same in the past two years.

Association of National Advertisers
Broadcasting & Cable | October 24, 2011 "Marketers Say TV Budgets Are Rising"

  • If you want to reach the vast majority of television viewers, pick a Thursday night during November, February or May and buy airtime on one of the major networks between 9:00 and 9:30 pm.

Shelly Palmer | October 28, 2011 "Apple Television: Did Steve Jobs Crack The Code?"

  • 64% of people get their local news from television; 41% from newspapers; 18% from radio; and 17% from the internet. Local news is still the most profitable type of programming for local stations, totalling 44% of its profits.

Pew Research Centre
MediaDailyNews | October 25, 2011 "Local News Sharing Means Lost Jobs, Less Original Content"

  • OTT streaming represents a big opportunity for revenue generation. Currently, in the fragmented value chain, there is a substantial gap between total viewer penetration (10%) and the relative amount spent on advertising in that market (0.5%).

Mediacaster | October 12, 2011 'Tech Companies Unite to Create Platform for Monetizing OTT Video Traffic"

  • 55% of online females talk TV on social media, 45% of men do so as well; much of the social TV chatter takes place mid-week

NM Incite and Nielsen
BizReport | October 12, 2011 "Social Television on the Up"

  • The percentage of Canadian consumers who claimed to have watching video content online reached 48% in June, with the highest usage amongst males (51%) 18-34 year-olds (71%) and those with no television service providers (56%).

Mediacaster | October 4, 2011 "Broadband TV and OTT Services Continue Growth in Canada"

  • The public's top source of news remains television. Two-thirds of people say television is where they get most of their news about national and international events.

Pew Research Centre
Center for Media Research | October 4, 2011 "News Organizations Take it on the Chin"

  • Flashpoint Alert, ION's online contest, provided fans a chance to win cash prizes by scheduling the premiere episode onto their digital devices. It received over 102,000 entries in just four weeks, and became the network's most successful contest ever

Mediacaster | October 20, 2011 "Flashpoint Triggers Highest TV Ratings, Biggest Online Response for U.S. Network"

  • Television can boast of a wider "halo" effect. 38% of the impact enjoyed by TV spots takes the form of boosting the sales of other products within the portfolio of the brand being advertised.
  • When campaigns ran on television and radio, ads on the latter medium saw their effectiveness rise by up to 100%

WARC | October 13, 2011 "TV ads give best results: study"

  • 52% of Canadians watch TV and browse the web simultaneously, and 57% of them go online to research a product or service seen in a TV commercial

TVB | 2011 "TV is Still King of the Screens"

When the weather gets nasty people turn to TV:

  • Local TV ranked first " at 39% " among news sources selected by respondents when asked "Where did you first learn Hurricane Irene was approaching your area?" The internet ranked a distant second, at 16%; all other news sources were cited by 11% or fewer respondents
  • When asked, "While tracking Hurricane Irene, where were you getting key or critical information about the storm or weather?" 66% cited local TV news
  • 95% of viewers were "very satisfied" or "somewhat satisfied with the TV coverage

Marshall Marketing for Hearst Television Inc.
TVNewsCheck | October 4, 2011 "Local TV Main Source of Hurricane Info"


  • TV ads delivered a return on investment of "1.70 for every "1 spent
  • Print ads also delivered just 37% of the sales uplift generally supplied by television, an amount that reached 19% for radio, 15% for static internet display, and 9% for outdoor
  • 71% of all sales attributable to advertising resulted from TV commercials

WARC | October 13, 2011 "TV ads give best results: study"

  • For the rest of this century, the fastest-growing consumer group will be over the age of 60
  • Globally, this population is increasing at a rate of 2.6% annually vs. 1.2% for the overall population
  • The over 50s own 80% of financial assets and are responsible for 50% of discretionary income

Research Brief | October 12, 2011 "Older and Wiser: mature Customers' Needs"

  • 94% of adults between 18 and 49 prefer watching their favourite TV shows on a television screen.

TVB | 2011 "TV is Still King of the Screens"

  • In Canada, the average amount of viewing time of online video per person is 19 hours per month.

Cartt | October 7, 2011 "Digital Convergence: Can social media revive appointment television viewing"

  • The typical home of 2.6 people has an average of 24 gadgets, including at least one smartphone " double the number 15 years ago, according to the Consumer Electronics Association

The Washington Post | September 27, 2011 "As more tech titans provide TV, at-home gadgets multiply"

  • According to a recent study by Deloitte, TV shows are the most common conversation topics around the world - and the subject of more than a billion tweets this year alone.

Deadline | October 5, 2011 "Disney-ABC TV Boss Anne Sweeney Says Television Will Get Even More Personal"

  • In a media recall study, the group that saw the video only on TV, 50% recalled the brand being peddled. In the groups that saw the video ad on all four kinds of screens (TV, computer, smartphone, and tablet), 74% remembered the brand name.

New York Times | September 28, 2011 "For Advertising, Study Says More Screens Are Better"

  • Least likely to trim their cable TV packages are diehard sports fans, movie lovers, and those who want to watch first-run episodes of True Blood or Dexter before friends and co-workers reveal plot twists. Nearly 70% of broadband homes put themselves in that category.

USA Today | September 9, 2011 "Consumers cut pay-TV service for Web-based programming"

  • In the US re-launch of Family Feud, each day, the producers upload funny clips and bloopers from the host, comedian Steve Harvey, to a dedicated YouTube channel. The site has garnered more than 25 million views and ratings are up this year by over 30%.

MediaBizBloggers | September 29, 2011 "Social Media Needs TV and TV Needs Social Media"

  • The US is home to only five percent of the world's population, however it accounts for 20 percent of the global GDP and 34 percent of the total worldwide advertising.

MediaBizBloggers | September 29, 2011 "The Changing MO of the CMO"

  • TV still reigns as the broadest outlet, with 74% of people watching local TV newscasts or local TV websites at least weekly

Pew Research
Online Media Daily | September 26, 2011 "Internet, Mobile Compete with TV as Key Local News Sources"

  • According to Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP, next year companies are planning tighter budgets -- either flat or up to 5% declines versus 2011.

MediaDailyNews | September 21, 2011 "Advertisers Remain Cautious, Stick to 2011 Budgets: WPP"

  • Social media accounts for one out of every four minutes that U.S. users spend online.

Online Media Daily | September 12, 2011 "Social Media Surpasses Search, Facebook Leads"

  • A survey of Ad Age's10,000-person TV-fan panel last year found that 20% of viewers said they are watching more live TV specifically to avoid 'social spoilers.'

Advertising Age
TVWatch | September 21, 2011 "Social TV Marketing is Not Always Good News"

Since incorporating a social strategy into Dateline:

  • Over the past 10 months, the show's audience on Facebook has grown to 173,000 users from 47,000. Followers on Twitter have grown to nearly 30,000 from 14,000.

Advertising Age | September 21, 2011 "NBC's 'Dateline' Pitch Plays Off the Audience Instead of Anchors"

  • Ads running in the first position of a commercial pod average 28% higher awareness compared to advertisers receiving mid-break placements.

Ebiquity research
MediaDailyNews | September 19, 2011 "Study: C3 Rating Put Advertisers at Disadvantage"

  • 80% of pay-TV subscribers cited sports, live TV and/or choice as reasons for subscribing to cable, implying that this segment is unlikely to cut the cord for the foreseeable future.

Credit Suisse
Multichannel News | September 18, 2011 "About 20% of U.S. Pay-TV Subs Prone to Cancelling"

TV and the web worked for Hyundai

  • The new website created "a powerful owned media asset for the brand." And TV ads touting the website created a "powerful combination of paid earned and owned media which was responsible for significant growth in consideration and market share." Purchase consideration rocketed 70% and market share soared nearly 60%, per the agency. Following the campaign, Hyundai recorded the highest opinion and consideration scores in its history.

Marketing Daily | August 22, 2011 "Initiative: Consumer Engagement Key to Brand Choice"

  • More than 80% of conversations about TV shows take place face to face, whereas only 2% are via social media

Keller Fay Group | September 15, 2011 "Buzz and TV Shows: Are We Listening to the Right Voices?

  • 42% of adults who have televisions are watching between 9:15 and 9:30 at night.
  • For those under 49, prime time is 9:45 pm.

TVNewsCheck | September 14, 2011 "Nielsen: Primest Time is Actually 9:15 P.M."

  • A 60-second bridging scene from AT&T's "Rethink Possible" commercial doubled the audience versus the average commercial rating.

MediaBizBloggers | September 13, 2011 "TiVo Audience Research: Do Vignettes Really Work?"

  • When the facebook page for the remake of Dallas was launched it garnered 100,000 "likes" in the first three days

Multichannel News | September 5, 2011 "How Can Networks Spin Online Chatter Into Ratings Gold?"

Why internet users don't watch more online videos:

  • 37% prefer watching regular TV
  • 22% said that steams were difficult to watch with other people
  • 20% cited quality issues
  • 20% said streaming screens were to small

Media Daily News | August 22, 2011 "OMD: Streaming Reaches Tipping Point, Used By More Than Half of All TV Viewers"

  • 41% of 18-to-34s would rather use a smartphone, tablet or computer keyboard to switch channels or program the DVR than the traditional handheld device.

Altman Vilandrie & Co. a Boston-based media consulting group
MediaDailyNews | September 7, 2011 "Key 18-34s Watch TV Via Mobile"

  • The 2011 VMAs were the "most social program measured to date," according to  SocialGuide, which found a total of 559,610 unique commenters (59% share) shared 1,323,922 comments (55% share)
  • As measured by Wiredset"s Trendrr, the VMAs generated a whopping 5.57 million comments, 48% of which were from mobile devices, the night of the show

Multichannel News | September 5, 2011 "How Can Networks Spin Online Chatter Into Ratings Gold"

  • Video Music Awards the most-watched MTV telecast ever -- with a record 12.4 million total viewers
  • Beyonce's big MTV #VMA moment gave Twitter a record bump: 8,868 tweets per second

Nielsen, Twitter
Advertising Age | August 29, 2011 "Video Music Awards Bring Record Audience to MTV"

  • 40% of TV viewers report using social media on devices such as smartphones and tablets while watching TV

Ericsson ConsumerLab's TV & Video Consumer Trend Report
WorldScreen.com | September 2, 2011 "Viewers Flocking to On-Demand Online Video" (subscription required)

  • Nearly 50% of all flat-panel TVs sold in 2011 will be internet-connectable, and about two-thirds of U.S. broadband households will have a video-game console connected to the internet.

Parks Associates | August 23, 2011 "Down Grade: Broadband Adoption Linked to TV Cord Cutting"

  • A typical Briton spends 118 hours watching TV each month and just 3.3 hours on social networks. Even at current growth rates " 10 years will elapse before Facebook accounts for 10% of the time spent watching television.

The Telegraph | September 2, 2011 "Think Tank: Social media and TV need not be enemies"

  • When asked to pick an ad campaign that was the most memorable of 2011, 80% chose a TV ad, ahead of cinema at 3%

Warc | August 26, 2011 "TV Ads Retail Lead Role in UK"

  • Internet-connected TV sets represent just 10% of all TV sets in U.S. TV homes
  • 23% of TV homes have internet-enabled video game consoles
  • Overall, 30% of TV homes have at least one net-connected TV device

Leichtman Research Group
MediaDailyNews | August 8, 2011 "30% of U.S. Homes Have Net-Connected TV Device"

  • Among Canadians who use a PVR to view programs in playback mode and fast forward through commercials, roughly half of them stop to watch TV ads that are of interest to them
  • When fast forwarding or skipping through commercials, 71.8% of adults 18+ are aware of the advertisers

TVB/BBM Analytics
TVB | Television & the PVR 2011

  • 58% of people believe TV spots have the greatest impact of any type of advertising
  • The appeal of TV commercials peaked among 18-24 year olds, some 69% agree they exerted the strongest influence

Warc | August 26, 2011 "TV Ads Retail Lead Role in UK"

  • The typical viewer spends 118 hours watching TV each month, measured against 3.3 hours utilising social networks
  • If TV maintained current viewing levels and Facebook continued its growth trajectory, ten years will elapse before the social network clocks 10% of the time spent watching television

Warc | August 26, 2011 "TV and Social Media are Complementary"

  • Companion or synch apps can significantly boost viewer engagement and ratings, An app for The Weather Channel's From the Edge with Peter Lik got 50,000 downloads in the first week of the series and ultimately helped boost ratings by 14%

Broadcasting & Cable | August 8, 2011 "View Along the TV App Landscape"

  • Social media is galvanising audiences around watching and sharing TV "live" via a second screen. Three-quarters of those with broadband and digital TV have 'two-screened.'

RapidTVNews | August 15, 2011 "Commercial TV Viewing Continues Robust Growth"

  • The still-dominant way to watch online video, at 89% of the time, is through a PC or laptop. The next is mobile phones, 15%; internet-connected TVs, 10%; tablet, 9%; and other, 3%.

Frank Magid Associates
MediaDailyNews | August 8, 2011 "30% of U.S. Homes Have Net-Connected Device"

  • 58% of the 500 people age 18 and over surveyed by Lab42 said they weren't familiar QR Codes

BizReport | August 8, 2011 "Smartphone users asked where and why the scan QR Codes"

  • Senior citizens watch twice as much traditional television as the teenage crowd and almost 40% more than the 35-49 demographic

RBR/TVBR | August 6, 2011 "Video: A look at who is watching what where"

  • People use their tablets most often at home, with 78% of tablet owners reporting they used apps at home

Broadcasting & Cable | August 1, 2011 "CTAM: Video App Usages Boost Viewer Engagement"

  • 77% of Canada's 13.4 million households in Canada have an internet subscription

Mediacaster | July 28, 2011 "CRTC Says Telecom Growth Driven by Broadband and Wireless"

  • The big 18-49 group that TV marketers and networks depend on -- representing over 60% of all TV viewers -- is now at 57%, and will slip to 55% in a year or two.

MediaDailyNews | August 3, 2011 "CBS, Nielsen Drill Into Consumer-Product Relationship"

  • With only 2% of the worldwide pay TV subscriber base cutting the cord by 2015, the significant impact on subscriber numbers anticipated in some quarters seems to be somewhat exaggerated.

Informa | March 2011 "Global ' Cord-Cutters': The impact on pay TV"

  • Creatively awarded campaigns outperform non-creatively awarded campaigns driving market share eleven times more efficiently.

Admap | July-August 2011 "TV on the mind" (subscription required)

  • TV viewing generated much higher levels of emotional intensity, engagement (almost 30% higher) and long-term memory (more than 50% higher) than online.

Neuro Insight (SST)/Thinkbox
Admap | July-August 2011 "TV on the mind" (subscription required)

  • About 8% of U.S. households get a broadband internet service but not pay-TV
  • Only 5% of broadband-only homes said they do not subscribe to a multichannel video service because they can watch all that they want on the internet or in other ways.

Multichannel News | July 25, 2011 "Just 5% of Broadband-Only Homes are Chord-Cutters: LRG"

  •  85% of video app users are watching the same or more regularly scheduled TV
  • Video apps add value to TV programs and TV networks. Forty-Six percent of video app users report more engagement with the program/network, 35% report more visits to the program/network web site, and 37% report watching more associated programs or networks.

Video Nuze | August 2, 2011 "85% of Video App Users Watching Same or More Scheduled TV Study"

  • Overall, US viewers are watching22 minutes more TV per month in the first three months of 2011 compared to the same period a year ago.
  • 91% of TV homes pay for some type of TV service

MediaDailyNews | August 1, 2011 "Nielsen African-Americans Watch Most TV"

  • Online video viewing amounts to less than 2% of the total time watching traditional TV

TV Board | July 15, 2011 "Do You Suffer From PBS?"

  • 43% of online adults have gone online or used social media to engage with TV programming in some way

Online Metrics Insider | July 12, 2011 "The Most Powerful Channel for Media Data? It Might Be TV"

  • US PVR penetration is 34.7% of households, predicted to rise to 51.3% in 2016
  • CDN PVR penetration is 25.5%, according to BBM

RBR/TVBR | July 6, 2011 "MagnaGlobal sharply ups DVR household estimates"

In 2010 Ipsos and Lumi Mobile created a game-like, social experience for viewers of the Oscars. During the three-hour show:

  • 75% of the participants were still engaged at the end of the show
  • 85% enjoyed the experience very much
  • 75% said that participating in live social activities increased their enjoyment of the show

Ipsos | July 5, 2011 "Is This the Newest Odd Couple?"

  • 62% of consumers "are not connected or not capable" and "most plan to stay that way"

Knowledge Networks
MediaDailyNews | July 5, 2011 "Mixed Signals: Majority Not Ready for Internet-Connected TV"

  • 30% of brand followers are doing so for special offers and deals
  • 70% have participated in some sort of sponsored contest

Get Satisfaction, customer relationship management specialists
Adweek | June 30, 2011 "Why Do We 'Friend' Brands?"

Today more men make purchases of their own volition involving:

  • 82% cars
  • 80% clothing
  • 67% sporting events
  • 64% electronics/media and DIY
  • 63% investments

Jacobs Media, Marketing to Men study
BizReport | June 22, 2011 "Modern males play greater role in purchase decisions"

  • Overall, there is an 11% penetration rate of specific consumer electronic connected video devices.

ABI Research
MediaDailyNews | June 28, 2011 "Subscription TV Resists Cord-Cutters"

  • Facebook says its users have "liked" TV shows 1.65 billion times, becoming a natural recommendation engine for TV.

Lostremote | June 27, 2011 "Why Social TV Will Be a Multi-billion Dollar Business"

  • PwC notes digital platforms will largely be complementary to the traditional media business models. "Internet and TV advertising will grow by over 50% by 2015 (from US$5.6 billion to US$8.6 billion in Canada)."

Cartt | June 14, 2011 "Canadian Spending Growth Rising Quickly on Entertainment and Media: PwC"

  • CBS' April Tweet Week was about leveraging CBS shows and celebrities, curating it all together and highlighting their personalities online. CBS hosted Twitter chats every night that featured sports, news and primetime shows. In total, all participating talent gained more than 50,000 Twitter followers during the week.

eMarketer | June 13, 2011 "Case Study: Using TV Star Tweets to Engage Viewers"

  • Factors limiting the use of online video include high CPMs compared with TV, targeting capabilities, lack of standards and limited reach, and only 6% to 10% of people watch online video on TV screens.

Online Media Daily | June 7, 2011 "Netflix, iPad Lead Streaming TV Rally"

  • US teens are not abandoning TV for new media: they view 23 hours of TV per week, up 6% over the last five years
  • Teens who recall TV ads are 44% more likely to say they liked the ad.

Research Brief | June 23, 2011 "Teen Media Behavior; Texting, Talking, Socializing, TV Watching, Mobiling"

  • 40% of internet users in the US are a Facebook fan or Twitter follower of a TV show or network

24/7 Wall St. and Harris Poll
eMarketer | June 13, 2011 "Case Study: Using TV Star Tweets to Engage Viewers"

  • CBS Vision asked respondents what "programs you must have" in a video streaming service. The average person chooses 14 shows they would want included in any video service;
  •  90% of the research subjects said it would be a deal-breaker if at least half those shows they wanted were not included.

Online Media Daily | June 7, 2011 "Netflix, iPad Lead Streaming TV Rally"

  • All OTT services will account for less than 2% of all video watched in 2011. By 2014, roughly 85% of TV will still be watched linear, another 10% will be watched in "near real-time", described as within a day of its original broadcast, and only 5% will only be watched truly on-demand.

Cartt | June 15, 2011 "Banff 2011: 'The future of TV is TV' and other top tech, telecom and media trends"

  • News accounts for 15% of the average adult's TV consumption

Media Matters | June 1, 2011 "TV News Remains a Key Player Among Media News Options" (Subscription required)

About one third of viewers multitask while watching TV

  • 56% are using the internet
  • 44% are reading a book, magazine or newspaper
  • 40% are social networking
  • 37% are texting with their phone
  • 29% shop online while watching TV

Harris Interactive/Adweek poll
MediaDailyNews | June 15, 2011 "Estimated 33% of Viewers Multitask While Watching TV"

  • This year all OTT services will account for less than 2% of all video watched
  • By 2014, roughly 85% of TV will still be watched linear, another 10% will be watched in "near real-time", which is described as within a day of its original broadcast, and only 5% will only be watched truly on-demand.

Cartt | June 15, 2011 "Banff 2011: 'The future of TV is TV' and other top tech, telecom and media trends"

  • Tweet Week was about curating social media tweets all together and highlighting network personalities" work online. CBS hosted Twitter chats every night that featured sports, news and primetime shows. In total, all participating talent gained more than 50,000 Twitter followers during the week.

eMarketer | June 13, 2011 "Case Study: Using TV Star Tweets to Engage Viewers"

  • In the U.S. broadcast network shows accounted for 89 of the top 100 shows when it came to 18-49 viewers, and 93 of the top 100 shows among viewers 25-54

MediaDailyNews | June 9, 2011 "Broadcast Net Shows Still Lead Rating Race"

  • Those who accessed the internet through their TVs do so for more than four hours a week
  • 10% of Canadians aged 18 to 34 subscribe to Netflix Canada, with 64% of all users watching it from their TVs, 23% on their computers and 9% on an iPad/tablet computer. Of those who subscribe to Netflix Canada 70% use it at least once a week.

Media in Canada | June 7, 2011 "One in 10 Canadians have tried Netflix: MTM Study" (subscription required)

  • Just 0.13% of all the TV that Americans watch is from over-the-top services.

Cartt | June 7, 2011 "Duelling OTT Reports to CRTC say Online Video Isn't Having Much Impact... yet"

  • Online video ads received 18.3% more viewer attention in than TV commercials

Online Media Daily | May 24, 2011 "Study: Online Video Ads Beat TV Ads in Viewer Recall"

In a recent clinical trial for a women's health product:

  • Digital media was only 1.3% more efficient (on a cost per qualified lead) than television. However, TV resulted in 10x the volume of qualified leads (19,000 passed a pre-screener versus 1,900 via digital media).

Blue Chip Healthcare Marketing clinical trial
Marketing:health | May 24, 2011 "Don't Count Out Traditional Media!"

  • TV advertising returns 4.5 times what you invest

The Independent | May 11, 2009 "TV Dead? Far From It, We're Keeping All The Others Alive"

  • CBS has made upfront deals at low- to mid-teen price increases, down from 18%
  • Fox and ABC have done deals with 10% to 11% increases

MediaDailyNews | June 3, 2011 "Buyers Balk At CBS Asking Price, Lower Rates Negotiated"

  • CBC's Hockey Night Pulse webpage shows when fans are active on Twitter. So far, hockey has had 1.2 million tweets during the playoffs and over 72,000 have checked in on the CBC Hockey Night Canada GetGlue page

Media in Canada | June 2, 2011 "CBC tracks the social hockey-verse"

  • Freshpet (pet food) experienced a 30% increase in sustained sales with the use of television advertising

Marketing Daily | June 1, 2011 "Freshpet Launches Major TV Campaign"

  • Tablet owners report that 30% of their time spent with the device is while watching TV; smartphone owners spend 20%

nielsenwire | May 19, 2011 "In the U.S., Tablets are TV Buddies while eReaders Make Great Bedfellows"

  • The Glee Wikia pulls in 436,000 unique visitors and 4.1 million monthly page views

MediaDailyNews | May 24, 2011 "Glee Wikia Trumpets TV Show, 'Engagement' "

  • The use of 3D in advertising yields eye-popping returns in memory retention with audiences exhibiting 92% total recall of an ad

Ontario Centres for Excellence Discovery 2011 conference
Mediacaster | May 24, 2011 "3D Content Good for Advertisers, Educators, Business Leaders"

  • About 70% of the population still does not watch any full-length television programming on the internet

RBR/TVBR | May 20, 2011 "Traditional media's ad spend flattening"

  • 70% of tablet owners and 68% of smartphone owners said they use their devices while watching television

nielsenwire | May 19, 2011 "In the U.S., Tablets are TV Buddies while eReaders Make Great Bedfellows"

  • Just 4% of Anglophones 18+ only watch TV through mobile or the internet; the same percentage as those who watch no TV at all

BBM Analytics | Spring 2011 MTM report

  • 13.5% of peak downstream traffic in Canada is attributed to Netflix
  • Netflix now represents North America"s largest source of Internet traffic, accounting for almost 30 per cent of peak downstream traffic.
  • While Netflix generated $12 million in revenue in Canada last quarter, it lost $11 million due to spending on content, including a rights deal with the CBC

Sandvine Inc.
The Wire Report | May 17, 2011 "Netflix now accounts for 13.5% of downstream traffic: Sandvine"

  • "You"ll probably want to lay down your money [in the upfront market] because nine years out of 10, you"re likely to do better in the upfront than in scatter."

--Steve Kalb, senior vice president and director for video investments at the MediaHub division of Mullen
New York Times | May 15, 2011 "TV Networks Expect a Jump in Spending on TV Commercials"

  • Three quarters of Facebook users have 'Liked' a brand

MediaBizBloggers | May 5, 2011, "Do You 'Like' Me? Should I Care?"

  • 22% of all word-of-mouth is stimulated or supported by paid advertising
  • TV ads are referenced in 10.3% of all brand conversations

Keller Fay
Admap | November 2010 "Advertising worth talking about"

  • 20% of respondents said they are now watching more live TV to avoid plot and reality "spoilers" that may be revealed in real time by members of their social networks.

TVGuide.com user research study
TVGuide | May 13, 2011 "NCIS, Idol Top TVGuide.com's List of the Most Social Shows"

  • Social media outreach is somewhat effective for distributing news about short-term deals, as 5% to 7% of purchases are influenced by social media activity

Forrest Research
Research Brief | May 11, 2011 "Social Network Advertising Nudges, Doesn't Drive"

  • Brand advocates are 83% more likely to share information about a product than typical web users
  • 75% do so because they like to feel like they are helping others make good buying decisions

BizReport | May 11, 2011 "Brand Advocates Motivated by Altruism"

  • TV ads are 38 times more engaging than online ads

Broadcasting & Cable | May 9, 2011 "Fox Makes Multiplatform Case"

  • Consumers say they tell an average of nine people about good experiences, and nearly twice as many (16 people) about poor ones

American Express Global Customer Service Barometer
Marketing Daily | May 2011 "Study: Good Customer Service Earns Rewards"

  • 40% of online consumers visited a TV network or broadcast media site in January 2011

nielsen | 2011 "State of the Media Trends in TV Viewing--2011 TV Upfronts"

  • Over 12 million Canadians - almost 40% of the population - tuned in to some part of the Royal Wedding

BBM Canada
Media in Canada | May 3, 2011 "Will 'n' Kate Ring in Big Ratings"

  • 70% of consumers are willing to spend more with companies that provide excellent customer service
  • Canadians are willing to spend 12% more

American Express Global Customer Service Barometer
Marketing Daily | May 2011 "Study: Good Customer Service Earns Rewards"

People are adding to their cable service rather than cutting back.

  • One quarter, or 25%, said that in the past 12 months they have subscribed to a new cable or satellite service.
  • 15% upgraded to a higher-tier service, 16% added a premium channel, 18% added HD service and 14% added a DVR or an additional receiver.
  • On the flip side, just 7% said they downgraded their service to a lower tier, 7% dropped premium channels, and only 6% dropped service outright.

Ad Age and Ipsos
Advertising Age | April 18, 2011 "Consumers Aren't so Keen on Cutting the Cord After All, Survey Finds"

  • 66% of boomers are on the lookout for brands to better express their "youthful" personalities

The Geppetto Group
Online Media Daily | April 12, 2011 "Boomers Value Brands That Champion 'Youthful' Style"

  • 50% of all tweets come from only 20,000 users, or 0.05% of the Twitter universe

MediaBizBloggers | April 20, 2011 "How Social Are Social Media, Really"

  • "Distraction" remains the No. 1 reason people don't like to click on ads
  • 61% say ads takes them away from their purpose on the web

Online Media Daily | April 18, 2011 "Internet Users View Ads As Distraction"

  • The most-viewed TV event in history, this year"s Super Bowl XLV, had more than 4,000 tweets per second during the final moments of the game.

Marketing Magazine | April 18, 2011 "How Social Media Helps TV"

  • 12% of ads run in 2010 that used celebrities achieved more than a 10% performance lift over industry averages for their product categories

Ace Metrix
Marketing Daily | April 5, 2011 "Mars Dominates Q1's Most Effective TV Ads"

  • 43% of online adults have gone to the web to comment, post, or read something about a TV show

Harris Interactive
Media Daily News | March 30, 2011 "Social Media Increases Popularity for TV Viewer Comments"

  • 86% of mobile internet users watch TV with their mobile devices
  • 40% are using the devices for social networking, 33% are using apps and more than half are texting
  • 60% of Nielsen panelists reported they simultaneously watched TV and surfed the internet at least once in March

Nielsen and Yahoo
Marketing Magazine | April 18, 2011 "How social media helps TV"

  • 30% of US homes now have an internet-connected TV
  • 3% of net-connected TV homes watch some video weekly

Leichtman Research Group
Media Daily News | April 19, 2011 "Internet-Connected TV Scores With Netflix Users"

  • TV still dominates the vast majority of consumers" viewing preference, 92%
  • When accessing video online,72% use a laptop and 63% use mobile devices, 21% use a tablet such as the iPad.

Rapid TV News | April 13, 2011 "Online video rushes into the mainstream"

  • 17% of the weekly viewing audience (includes TV and online viewers) watched on average between one to two full-episodes at a broadcaster or specialty networks' website, up from 15% in 2009; and forecasted to be 19% in 2011
  • One to two episodes represents for the average TV viewer, just 5% of weekly viewing time

Convergence Consulting
Cartt | April 7, 2011 "Canadian Broadcasters Want to Monetize Online"

  • 80% of those 25 and under used a second screen to communicate with friends while watching TV

Digital Clarity
Media Daily News | April 13, 2011 "Cross-Platform Conversation Boosts Event TV"

  • TV viewers are 25% more receptive to promotions that play off the content they are watching.

TVWeek | April 10, 2011 "Turner Experiments With Building a Smarter Ad for Its Cable Networks"

  • 23% of Canadians connect their laptop or another computer to their main TVs (8% always, 15% sometimes) when they need to watch something on the big screen.

Solutions Research Group
Cartt | April 7, 2011 "Canadians Connecting the Internet to Their TVs"

  •  The average Canadian TV subscriber home pays its access provider $61/month and watches 240 hours of TV, equating to $.25/hour (a single person's rate is $.51). On a comparative per-hour viewing basis, TV download pricing is at minimum five times the price of a Canadian TV subscription.

Convergence Consulting
Cartt | April 7, 2011 "Canadian broadcasters want to monetize online, without hurting the $6-billion they already make"

  • Gen Y spends nearly three hours a week watching streamed TV programs, and an hour and a half a week watching downloaded TV programs.

Engage:GenY | April 9, 2011 "Life Is But A Stream"

  • When asked what content they watched when they connect their laptops to a TV, 41% said movies, 25% said TV shows.

Solutions Research Group
Cartt | April 7, 2011 "Canadians connecting the internet to their TVs in droves"

  • Facebook posts ending with a question have a 15% higher engagement rate.

Buddy Media
Online Media Daily | April 6, 2011 "Most Effective Facebook Wall Posts: Short and After Hours"

  • Only a single per cent of Canadian will cut the cord in the 2011-2012 period

Convergence Consulting
RapidTVNews | April 5, 2011 "Canadians can't cut cord-yet"

  • Canadian adults 55+ watch 163 hours of TV per month

BBM Canada | Annual TV Viewing Trends 09/10

Why do people use social media in regard to a TV show?

  • Three-quarters of adults do it to gain more program information, while two-thirds do it for the analysis or summary or as an additional source of entertainment. About half say it's important to engage with other viewers.

Harris Interactive and 24/7 Wall St.
Media Daily News | March 30, 2011 "Social Media Increases Popularity for TV Viewer Comments"

  • 60% of the TV audience regularly clicks through the internet while watching their favourite shows

Marketing Magazine | March 29, 2011 "Internet Habits Help, Not Hurt, TV Viewing: Study"

  • About 30% of all households have at least one TV set connected to the internet, versus 24% a year ago.

Leichtman Research Group
Multichannel News | March 29, 2011 "Netflix Still Isn't Fueling Cord-Cutting: Survey"

Advertising with most impact on buying decisions:

  • 83% TV
  • 50% Magazines
  • 47% Online
  • 44% Newspapers
  • 32% Radio
  • 13% Billboards

Research Brief | March 23, 2011 "TV Advertising Most Influential"

  • 71% of people still rate watching TV on any device among their favourite media activities. In addition, 86% report that TV advertising still has the most impact on their buying decisions.

Research Brief | March 23, 2011 "TV Advertising Most Influential"

  • 35% of internet users said they watched streaming video content that originated from a TV network between September and November 2010

Knowledge Networks
RBR/TVBR | March 21, 2011 "Online TV network video keeps growing"

  • 36% of children ages two to 11 use television and the internet simultaneously. Television is still the most frequently used medium, with kids five and up watching at least three hours of television a day.

Joan Ganz Cooney Center
Media In Canada | March 16, 2011 "Kids' digital media usage continues to rise: study" (subscription required)

  • ESPN reports that just 0.18% of all U.S. TV households cut their cable service in the fourth quarter of 2010 and first quarter of 2011.
  • The small amount of cord-cutting was offset by non-cable TV homes becoming cable-TV homes during the period. This group also represented 0.18% of TV homes, so the net loss between the groups was zero.

Media Daily News | March 14, 2011 "ESPN Study Concludes Little Cord-Cutting"

  • Online video usage in the U.S. is up considerably from the same time last year, as time spent viewing video on PC/Mac/laptops from home and work locations increased by 45%
  • Although, the number of unique online video viewers only increased by 3.1%

Research Brief | March 17, 2011 "Laptops Boost Online video Viewing; More Shows, More Time"

  • 67% of adults get most of their campaign/election coverage from television.
  • In online coverage, 56% say it is "usually difficult" for them to tell what online information is true and what is not.

Pew Internet & American Life Project
Broadcasting & Cable | March 17, 2011 "TV Still Dominant Source of Political/Campaign News"

  • A recent survey of broadcast executives revealed that 3D production was ranked the lowest of 11 priorities in terms of areas for strategic investment, with 53% rating it as not an important area for investment.

RapidTVNews | March 8, 2011 "Mobile, OTT boost 3D uptake as traditional broadcasters drag feet"

  • Twitter was used by 72% of respondents to hold discussions during a TV show while Facebook was used by around half (56%). One-third (34%) used other mobile apps to hold conversations.
  • 34% described Social TV as 'fun', 32% said it made TV 'more interesting' and 42% commented on the ensuing sense of 'community'.

Digital Clarity a digital marketing agency
BizReport | March 9, 2011 "72% of British youth discuss TV shows via mobile while viewing"

  • TV shows are the most common conversational topic around the world and the subject of more than a billion tweets.

Deloitte 2011TMT Predictions

  • The US 2011 upfront could be up at least 10% over last year. In the fall rates were up 35 to 40 percent over those paid during the 2010 upfront.

Reuters | March 8, 2011 "TV executives await blockbuster ad sales"

  • 4% of all TV viewing is playback from a device; 2% of that four is TV viewing from the internet.

MTM | February 2010 "Is the iPad a Game Changer?"

  • Canadian adults 55+ watch 5.3 hours of TV per day.

BBM Canada | Annual TV Viewing Trends 09/10

  • DVRs contribute significantly to commercial viewing. In May 2010, the average rating for a primetime commercial minute among persons age 18-49 in DVR households rose from 1.54 in live viewing to 2.21 three days later, a 44% lift.

Magna Global
Research Brief | March 2, 2011 "Play It Again, Sam"

  • Around a third of broadband users connect a PC to their TV specifically to enable online video.

The Diffusion Group
Rapid TVNews | March 2, 2011 "PC-to-TV online video usage higher than expected"

  • Just 3% of consumers say they are loyal to a particular brand and never buy anything else.

AMP Agency, Inside the Buy
Research Brief | February 22, 2011 "Online Research A Significant Part of Consumer Buying"

  • CBS receives 1,000 pitches a year, orders about 100 scripts and produces 20-25 pilots.

Media Daily News | February 25, 2011 "CBS Plans Future: Netflix Streams Library, New Shows Readied"

  • 58% of UK mobile video subscribers have an interest in multi-screen services that let them watch a program on one device and then switch to watching it on another.

QuickPlay Media a premium mobile video provider
Rapid TVNews | February 15, 2011 "Majority of UK viewers interested in multi-screen video"

  • Research from Forrester shows that when it comes to "peer influence" a very small minority of people (6%) account for the vast majority (80%) of all brand impressions on social networks. The voices that can be "heard" via social media are not those of the masses, but a select few who speak regularly.

MediaBizBloggers | February 23, 2011 "Social Brands: A Tale of Two Worlds"

  • Newer 3D TVs have a 9% share of global TV revenues.

DisplaySearch's Advanced Quarterly Global report
Media Daily News | February 22, 2011 "Sales of TV Set Rebound in Q4"

  • According to Old Navy, half of their customers own smartphones and 20% of those owners are using them while watching TV.

Marketing Daily | February 18, 2011 "Shazam! Old Navy Campaign Links TV, Mobile"

  • In online searches for broadcast TV shows, searches increase during both the prior and following weeks of the show's airing by 20% and 8% respectively.

Google research
Online Media Daily | February 11, 2011 "Search Me: TV Nets Miss Chance To Connect With Viewers"

  • Ad quality contributed to a 52% change in sales activity. In comparison, media plans (measured by variables such as "GRPs, wearout and continuity/flighting of airing") were shown to have only a 13% effect on sales changes.

Marketing Magazine | January 27, 2011 "Ad Creative More Influential Than Media Plans"

  • Consumers are willing to pay a 4-6% premium for brands they believe offer a greater degree of simplicity (defined as ease of understanding, transparency, caring, innovation and usefulness of communications), according to a new survey by branding consultant Siegel + Gale.

Marketing Daily | February 16, 2011 "Survey: Simplicity Adds Value To Brands"

  • Chrysler's Super Bowl spot has lifted consideration for the brand by 87% compared to the brand's average on Edmunds.com during the four weeks prior to the game.
  • The surge was driven by interest in the Chrysler 200, Chrysler's replacement for the Sebring. Consumer interest in the vehicle rose 463% after the game.

Marketing Daily | February 16, 2011 "Chrysler's Super Bowl Ad Keeps Bringing 'Em In"

  • Completion rates of video ads in content 20 minutes or longer -- typically in premium TV shows -- are 81%.
  • Mid-roll video ads -- those that run mostly in long TV episodes -- have a 91% completion rates.

FreeWheel a digital video ad sales rights/ad server company.
Media Daily News | February 16, 2011 "Digital Video Ads In Premium TV Earn Most Attention"

  • "You can"t watch American Idol streaming anywhere," says Duncan Stewart, research director for Deloitte Canada. "Networks don"t put it on. The most popular shows are kept off. What we are seeing is that if you want to cut the cord and . . . use your internet connection to watch all the video, you"re going to end up getting, at best, somewhere around 70% of the content."

The Star | January 18, 2011 "Traditional TV will prevail, says tech predictions"

  • Nearly one out of every eight minutes online is spent on Facebook
  • Almost one-third of internet sessions include a visit to Facebook
  • Women spend more time on social networks, one out of every six minutes online - or 17% while men spend 12%

brandchannel | February 11, 2011 "comScore's 2010 Digital Report Card"

What aspects of TV shows kids aged 14 to 24 find most interesting:

  • 76% relationships and interpersonal dynamics
  • 33% binge drinking
  • 35% illegal drug use

Ypulse, a leading authority on tween, teen, college and young adult insights
Engage:GenY | February 11, 2011 "The Evolution Will Be Televised"

New car models' increased web traffic to Kelly Blue Book following their Super Bowl TV ads:

  • +1013%  Chrysler 200
  • +293%  Volkswagen Beetle
  • +270%  Hyundai Elantra
  • +229%  Volkswagen Passat
  • +207%  Chevrolet Camaro

RBR/TVBR | February 8, 2011 "Chrysler 200 Super Bowl ad sends viewers scrambling to Kbb.com"

  • Online revenues of TV station in the U.S. amounted to 6% of total gross revenues in 2010

Borrell Associates
TVNewsCheck | February 3, 2011 "TVB: Station Web Ad Sales Up 14% in 2010"

  • 25% of viewers will tune in to the Super Bowl just to watch the ads.
  • When ads are relevant to consumers, they are 50x more likely to interact with the brand being promoted due to the attention factor

Online Video Insider | February 3, 2011 "Why Super Bowl Ads Should cost Five Times As Much"

  • Despite 80% identifying themselves as the primary or shared decision-maker for baby and child care products, 57% of men felt ads in this category weren't targeted at them.

Yahoo study
BizReport | February 3, 2011 "Dads feel ignored by advertisers"

  • 15-second social video ads are shared 37% more often than :30 second or one minute ads
  • 15-second ads are shared 18% more than ads over one minute in length

Report from the Jun Group
BizReport | January 26, 2011 "Report: Shorter is better in video"

  • 86% of iPad owners said they would be willing to "watch" ads to gain access to free content such as TV shows or magazine and newspaper articles

Knowledge Networks
Advertising Age | January 17, 2011 "iPad Users Prefer Advertising to Pay Model for Content"

  • Super Bowl viewers 18-34 with smartphones will be using them heavily during the big game. 59% intend to send emails and text messages about the game during pay.
  • 24% will be searching Super Bowl-related stories and content; 18% will be watching Super Bowl video clips or Super Bowl commercials; 17% will be going to Super Bowl advertiser digital areas; 12% will be researching past games; and 8% will be buying Super Bowl merchandise.
  • 55% of those will be keenly interested in the game, 15% will be there primarily to watch commercials.

    Lightspeed Research
    Media Daily News | January 26, 2011 "Super Bowl Scores More Digital Viewers"

    • TV shows are the most common topic of conversation around the world and the subject of more than one billion tweets.

    Marketing Magazine | January 18, 2011 "Social Media Ad Revenue Limited, TV to Stay 'Super Media': Deloitte"

    • More than half of men 18-64 now identify themselves as the primary grocery shoppers in their households. Dads in particular are taking up the shopping cart, with about six in 10 identifying themselves as their household's decision maker on packaged goods, health, pet and clothing purchases.

    Advertising Age | January 17, 2011 "Time to Rethink Your Message: Now the Cart Belongs to Daddy"

    • 60% of television viewers watch the tube and surf the internet simultaneously at least once a month

    Online Metrics Insider | January 14, 2011 "How Media Multitasking Fuels 'Brand Response' Advertising"

    • 54% of people identify local television as their primary source of weather information

    RBR/TVB | January 4, 2011 "Poll finds local television is leading source for weather info"

    • People -- including a large number of teens -- often talk more about the commercials during the Super Bowl than about the best catch or the longest throw. Eighty percent of those surveyed were able to provide specific answers from memory.

    Engage:Teens | January 20, 2011 "Why Do Teens Really Watch The Super Bowl?"

    • Seventy percent of people say the biggest reason for watching a TV show online is to watch a missed episode. The next reason -- for 57% of internet customers -- is convenience. In third place, 56% of digital viewers want to see a past episode.

    Media Daily News | January 19, 2011 "Digital Video Grabs 180 Million Visitors Monthly"

    • While global social media advertising revenues will hit US$5 billion this year, they account for less than 1% of all worldwide ad spending.

    Marketing Magazine | January 18, 2011 "Social Media Ad Revenue Limited, TV to Stay 'Super Media': Deloitte"

    • Seven companies " CBS, Disney, Discovery, Fox, NBC Universal, Time Warner and Viacom " account for about 90% of all the professionally produced video that people watch.

    USA Today | January 7, 2011 "Web and other options are shaking up how we watch TV"

    • Internet users sent 107 trillion messages in 2010
    • Facebook started 2010 with 350 million users and ended with 600 million.

    The New York Times | January 14, 2011 "2010 Online, by the Numbers"

    Ads need good creativity more than a celebrity:

    • fewer than 12% of ads using celebrities exceeded a 10% lift versus average industry norms, and nearly 20% of celebrity ads yielded negative lift scores in excess of 10%.

    Ace Metrix
    Marketing Daily | January 13, 2010 "Study: Celebs (Except Oprah) Ineffective In Ads"

    • Only one-fifth of recorded programming stored on DVRs is actually viewed.

    Centris Research
    Rapid TVNews | January 13, 2011 "DVRs rise but only a fifth of stored content viewed"

    • 21% of the roughly 210 million TV sets sold world-wide in 2010 had an internet connection with that portion to rise to 50% by 2014.

    The Wall Street Journal | January 3, 2011 "Manufacturers Turn to Smart TV After 3-D Disappoints"

    • Commercials in free VOD programming are 31% less likely to be skipped than commercials in recorded programming.

    Research Brief | December 23, 2010 "Video On Demand Boosts Live Viewing"

    • According to NBC"s internal figures, an average of 125,100 unique viewers streamed Sunday Night Football Extra this past season, an increase of 13% versus last year.

    Adweek | January 6, 2011 "NBC Sees Sizable Gains for Sunday NFL Streaming"

    • 66% of Americans say TV is still their main source of news

    Pew Research Center
    Media Daily News | January 5, 2011 "Internet Rivals TV as Major News Source"

    • Research firm SNL Kagan estimates that 2% of  homes have a web TV device and use it to watch Hollywood TV shows and movies.

    USA Today | January 7, 2011 "Web and other options are shaking up how we watch TV"

    • Sales of internet-connected TVs make up 12% of all flat-panel sales
    • 45% of consumers who have a connected television have used it to access the internet

    NPD Group
    Marketing Daily | January 3, 2011 "NPD: People Want Internet-Connected TVs"

    • Two-thirds of consumers say that availability of television program episodes on-demand make them more likely to watch those television shows on a regular basis.
    • 30% indicated that they had discovered new shows through on-demand, and now watch them regularly when they air on linear TV.

    Frank N. Magid Associates
    Research Brief | December 23, 2010 "Video On Demand Boosts Live Viewing"

    • Fewer than 1% of homes have and 3D TV sets. But 80% of adults have heard they are out there, and 8% are "very interested" in buying one.

    Leichtman Research
    MediaDailyNews | December 22, 2010 "Cost Come Down, HDTV Set Ownership Up"

    • Local TV news was chosen 'most important' program by 49% of viewers
    • Primetime was chosen 'most important' by 47% of viewers

    Frank Magid Associates, Inc.
    BizReport | December 22, 2010 "Study: Local TV news ads driving awareness"

    • 49% of time-shifted primetime broadcast programming is played back the same day it was recorded, and 88% is played back within 3 days. DVR playback peaks at 9pm and 10pm

    RBR/TVBR | December 21, 2010 "Americans watching more DVR commercials"

    • Roughly 12.3 million unique online visitors " about half of Canada's internet users " checked out CTV's site during the Games and viewed 28.5 million videos, the equivalent of 7.2 million hours of content.

    The Globe and Mail | December 13, 2010 "TV execs see more web watching in 2011"

    • 22% of all word-of-mouth is stimulated by paid advertising
    • By comparison, between 1% and 2% of word-of-mouth is driven by online social media
    • TV commercials account for over 10% of all word-of-mouth conversations, more than any other single touchpoint

    Keller Fay
    Admap | November 2010 "Advertising worth talking about"

    • Network television advertising revenues are up 6.2% in 2010. Driving the strength of the revenues was a strong upfront where prices rose and 80% of commercial inventory was sold. Since then then the scatter market has been hot, with prices running 20% higher than the upfront.

    Broadcasting & Cable | December 6, 2010 "UBS Conference: CBS Forecasts 3.4% Gain In Broadcast Ad Revenues"

    • Marketers' total U.S. advertising and communications spending is forecast to increase 3.2% in 2010 and an additional 1.2% in 2011
    • 5.8% of broadcast network revenues are forecast to be generated from digital assets in 2011

    Jack Myers Media Business Report | December 6, 2010 "U.S. Advertising and Marketing Expenditures forecast 2010-2011" (subscription required)

    • 81% cited local TV news as the "most important" news source among local, network broadcast and cable TV news. And it also was cited as the most important TV source for weather information.
    • Local TV news is relatively "DVR-proof," with only 17% of respondents cited having recorded local TV newscasts for later viewing.

    Hearst Television study by Frank N. Magid Associates
    TVNewsCheck | November 30, 2010 "Ads In Local News Driver Greater Awareness"


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